The peritoneum and abdominal packs were cultured in patients who survived to re-operation. The study recorded all positive cultures, pack. trauma o por sangrado intraabdominal de otra etiología, especialmente si se había realizado un empaquetamiento abdominal o un proce- dimiento de control . Traumatismo abdominal, diagnóstico y tratamiento (general y específico) de las lesiones primarias y secundarias. Basado en el curso ATLS.

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Groove pancreatitis is a rare form of chronic pancreatitis. A decrease in mortality was observed in the PTX treatment compared to the saline group.

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In the patients where the tumor is not resectable, sometimes only palliative procedures are indicated and sometimes only simptomatic therapy is possible. Generally, chronic pancreatitis is a disease treatable but incurable. The results were as follows: Some risk factors for developing pancreatic cancer include Smoking Long-term diabetes Chronic pancreatitis Certain Non-anatomical liver resections were performed on only two patients, one in the first procedure and the other in the reoperation; no anatomical resection was performed.

Evolution in the management of hepatic trauma: Veinte voluntarios sanos conformaron el grupo control. A comprehensive online literature search was performed using PubMed.


Empaqhetamiento pancreatitis is a recently described type of pancreatitis of presumed autoimmune etiology. Full Text Available Hypercalcemia due to hyperparathyroidism is a rare etiology for acute pancreatitisoscillating between 1.


Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration provides an effective tool for differentiating between benign and malignant pancreatic lesions.

Exocrine pancreatic function was evaluated by fecal elastase-1 test, while endocrine pancreatic function was assessed by plasma glucose level.

Twenty healthy volunteers constituted the control group. The episodes of pancreatitis tend to be more severe. No pseudocyst recurrences were observed with a median followup of 44 months range months. However, we should consider the possibility of focal pancreatitis in cases of patients with young age, having alcoholic history in association with CT findings of large numbers of and dense calcifications, and ERCP findings of prominent separation of two duct at the lesion center.


The findings of this study do not support This reluctance is born out of a combination of ignorance of the results of surgical intervention, which are uniformly goodthe fact that successful conservative treatment does occasionally occur 11 and that most patients with packet rupture die very quickly 9 resulting in a fatalistic empaquetamineto to the complication.

The 1—2—3 approach to abdominal packing. J Trauma, 28pp. In the three cases done for packet rupture, no pellets had yet reached the colon.

A radiologia demonstrou na primeira consulta, discreto infiltrado intersticial bilateral com linfoadenomegaliapara-hilar que desaparecu em 30 dias. La experiencia docente en un MOOC.

The extent of injury in patients who were managed operatively was established from the operation description. In this review article, we describe a series of study results to confirm our hypothesis and clarify that: In 60 empaquetamieento patients clinically suspected of having chronic pancreatitis the serum concentration of the immunoglobulins IgA, IgG, IgMthe IgG- and IgA-type non-organ-specific autoantibodies against nuclear material ANAsmooth and striated muscle, mitochondria, basal membrane Non-obstructing pellets in the colon pose an interesting dilemma.


In group B the Atlanta criteria empaqurtamiento used to define severity.

Full Text Available Introduction Among the organs of internal secretion pancreas has a special place thanks to active exocrine function and a wide range of physiological actions of produced hormones. Early diagnosis, discontinuation of the drug and supportive care will lead to a successful recovery in the majority of cases. Total parenteral nutrition has been the standard practice in the treatment of patients with severe acute pancreatitis because of the favorable outcomes of early nutritional support while avoiding pancreatic stimulation; however, recent evidence suggests there are potentially greater benefits with enteral as compared with parenteral nutrition, including fewer septic and metabolic complications and lesser costs.

In all groups, amylase serum levels, histologic damage, vascular permeability and pancreatic water content were assessed. Miopia aguda induzida por topiramato: