EMC delivers an all-purpose, unified storage array tailor made for the IT generalist and the small-business budget. Buy a EMC VNXe – NAS or other SAN/Storage Networking Kits at . Buy certified pre-owned EMC VNXe with warranty, available to ship. Sell or support your hardware, find compatible DAEs, drives & tech specs.

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Can you please advice on which interface I should go for? When I opened it up Vnze noticed there were 3 drives that had not been vnxf, I thought … well, how odd is that… why would it leave disks unused if I told it to auto-provision. Personally if i had to chose between the two i would purchase on price as i like both.

I always like to hear what kinda load other people are putting on them.

EMC VNXe Series SAN & NAS Upgrades

While setting this thing up I found that it was super easy to get the license key installed. Before I get into that too much though let me give you some details on the hardware in the SAN I am vnxd. Justin May 19, at Unless the data is cold ie not in use i would only use sas drives.

I was leaning towards the P G3 too! Also included but not in the chart is the deduplication license. Mahesh May 28, at 4: Mahesh May 19, at 3: Justin September 19, at 7: Also the P does not have the drive restrictions that the VNXe does either….


Dzmitryj September 29, at How many drives do you have in the vnxw Thanks Eemc, that was very useful. Well both the 2. To support RAID 10 you will need a minimum of 6 drives.

Also would you please comment about using SAS vs. At first glance the VNXe looks much like the Clariion AX4, the only thing that is different physically is the front bezel and the interfaces on the controllers.

EMC VNXe – NAS server – 6 TB Overview – CNET

I downloaded the license file and then it went right back to the Unisphere interface and was like … click here to upload the license. I still like the P if you dont need file protocols.

Justin September 2, at 7: When the initial management IP addresses and stuff were set up it asked to go out on the internet and register the SAN, and then it provided a link to a license file. The P vnxs let you do anything you want so it is much more flexible.

EMC VNXe 3100: My First Look

The are only two features on the VNXe that would make that the winner in my opinion: Unfortunately I have not found any ability to do that. Justin November 22, at 8: Thank you for writing this blog.

Andy April 11, at 7: Hey Justin, we are looking at afor an archive storage in NFS, current dl is getin a bit over tired, these storage pools have me concerned, does this mean the size of a folder is limited? Instead we presented the same space through a windows file emv for better quote management support. If you want to compare 10gig to 10Gig price out the VNXe….


ABID October 25, at Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible. Justin September 29, at 5: Tom September 19, at 2: I uploaded it and it unlocked all sorts of fun features, I managed to find a list of features and ekc they are included in the base license or if they are an upgrade.

Justin April 21, at 8: You can get them through distribution like ingram micro, but i do not recall emd the part number was. When not helping people learn about protecting their data from disasters, he is usually working on stuff in his home lab or spending time with his family.

After running what seemed like 10 start-up wizards it finally asked me if I wanted it to automatically provision a hot spare and a storage pool… I figured sure why not, after all it probably knows better then I do on how to set itself up right? Does this device really support RAID 10 or not???