Householder’s Guide” and the Borough Council’s own leaflet ‘A The planning application must comprise: 4 copies of the application forms,. 4 copies of the. Walton – Could we be Elmbridge Borough Council’s first BUSINESS Supporting Walton Cricket Club’s Walton Watchdog initiative, an online system enabling. WoTTA, with the support and funding of Elmbridge Borough Council, have plan for the town, with wide support from business, we can apply for funding and.

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The council suggested closing the car park at night. Sign In Request an online account.

Future of Walton

This would require a revenue cost to be met by the council to have fietype open and shut. Thanks so much Richard! What can be done? The police to implement procedures to collect CCTV footage in a more timely way to allow swifter identification of offenders.

Rent a home

Walton Cricket Club are very frustrated with the situation and want a clear indication of what will be done to improve it. The results of the meeting were: WoTTA is looking forward to the future. Several talked of having clear CCTV images of crimes which the police had not collected until chased. We have come back with lots of new ideas to support our business plan over the next 12 months.

The areas we work in tend to have a central waiting list for our homes, so you need to apply with your local authority first. Details of local authorities are listed below.


That got us thinking In addition police funding is stretched with priority at present on Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation.

Skip to main content Sign In Request an online account. If you’d like to join our ASB committee, whether a trader or concerned resident, please contact us. Council to organise a deep clean of the area and to keep a closer eye on it.

If they can ID people they follow up with parents.

The police confirmed young people being elmbirdge are from all secondary schools in the area. We will be consulting with residents, local businesses and landowners as part of the consultation process.

Crime Meeting – 10th May

Following on from the second of two Visual Audit Tours of the town with WoTTA Mike Bessent – Crime Reduction Officer for Surrey Police – suggested various actions, including filettpe Local Authority Enforcement Officer and Police patrols at the relevant times, possible infilling of the cricket pavilion and improvement in emptying and clearing litter as well as an increased number of litter bins.

Ashley Park Everyone agreed there should be more litter bins in the park. A dispersal order was authorised a few weekends ago after a number of damages reported in vorm area and an arrest made.

Can Walton have a more visible police presence? Go to the website for the housing allocation department of your local authority and find out if you can apply online. Working together we can continue to see that Walton is a really pleasant place to live and work.


At present an incident needs to be reported to the police and the council separately. The police have also executed a drugs warrant locally, completed underage test purchasing at off licences and asked traders to be vigilant about selling age restricted products. Then it will be put out for public comment. Residents and businesses have an opportunity to respond to a consultation regarding a Public Spaces Protection Order in Walton Town Centre.

Town Development – We’re working for you!

Take the Walton Qui z if you’re interested in finding out more! Can the police prioritise getting CCTV images to their Youth Affairs Officer PC Phil Jebb to enable him to work quickly with schools in the area to identify offenders, allowing swift action to be taken? All applications are assessed and prioritised on the applicants’ housing needs.

Once reported via the WoTTA website, Vision On will then log these reports on the required council sites, if not already done. They also need their partner organisations – Surrey County Council, Elmbridge Borough Council and specialist service delivery groups – to work with them to help facilitate change in the town.

CCTV is only good if the offender can be identified houssing the police have been working with local schools on this.