With about 5 W input the amplifier provides an RF output of about 80 W on 28 MHz rising to about watts on MHz, using a single PL (EL) that had . EL/6KG6. High Performance Beam Power. Tetrode he Svetlana EL/6KG6 is a beam power tetrode intended for use in class A,. AB or B audio amplifiers. EL Substitutes. No information available. EL Ratings. No information available. EL Application Data. No information available. EL Data sheet.

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They are rugged, pretty small and can take a real hammering and may be mounted horizontally. After testing, the e lectrolytic cap should be discharged through a resistor. One may dispute the value of the last decimal, but please consider that it is the average result of many experiments.

TDSL Tube data [EL]

Can’t find it here? When cooled sufficiently, these sweep-valves are nearly impossible to destroy.

With an experimental test rig, I have tried to obtain some relevant data. Usually I will not reactivate longer than 30 e5l19. If possible, proceed initially with lowered supply voltage.

According to some users the tube is “stronger” than an EL, but there are also negative messages. In this circuit all grids are at earth potential. By way of flywheel-action this tuned input-circuit will, to a degree, level out the quite variable input impedance, thereby preserving a reasonable match and thus linearity and output of the driving transceiver.


Being a passive-grid amplifier, most of the input power is dissipated in a non-inductive carbon resistor applied to the control-grid of the valve. The static input impedance adtasheet the cathode in a grounded grid circuit can be calculated if the valve characteristics relating to the specific circuit are known. This dahasheet must be tuned out left fig on the higher-frequency bands.

EL519 Datasheet PDF

This type of linear has many desirable features, including low cost, low component count, stability due datasheft the swamping effect of the passive grid input load and simplicity of the construction. With simple means, the results were measured and tabulated, after which I tried to dqtasheet a matching formula.

He calls his converted amplifier “Yuri” because of the Russian military tube GU?? He constructed not many linear amplifiers, but the last one is this monobander for 10m. Assuming that the anode lead is about 12 cm long about 0.

The Big Tube Data Page

It consists of the combined anode capacities of all valves, about 10—15 pF for the tuning capacitor’s minimum and about 4—8 pF for stray capacity.

As mentioned before, any voltage between and V is usable and will determine to a large degree the maximal power output, keeping in mind the proper idle current s. The “Help,My Amp has ‘s! It has 6 turns with an inner diameter of 25 mm and a length dataaheet about 40 mm.

Electrolytic capacitors, which have not been used for a long time, should have their dielectric reformed first. A part of the input power is dissipated in a 50?


The dynamic input impedance during working conditions is often higher. However, when miss tuning with full power, the voltage may rise to several times this value and therefore V should be a safer margin. An adequate choke is a short ferrite rod with 30—50 turns of 25 SWG enamelled wire.

The quiescent current at V was about 11 mA. In constructing the cabinets, I have learned to first make the holes for the datashedt sockets in a sheet of single-sided print-board and wire it completely, with sockets on the bare side and the resistors, decoupling caps, grounding strips and the 4: This includes anode capacitance, wiring capacitance and stray capacitance!

Modern transceivers only work optimally if they see a near less reflections load. The tube is thicker and often is the envelope made of thicker glass, but there is quite a difference in the mutual production.

EL519 Datasheet

So, it seems that the GU tube, cheap on eBay, is a good choice for this kind of amplifier”. Let the PA cool for at least 30 seconds after every 30 seconds of transmitting, to keep the valves healthy. This is taken care of in this circuit.