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Talmud BabliTract. Goi —Race, or people. No one shall rent his house to a gentile either here [in the land of Israel] or elsewhere because it is known that he will bring an idol into it.

The Elders say, however, that a foreign woman may perform this task provided there are other Jewish women present, but never alone. Should the Jews become Christians?

There is nothing that Jews are more convinced of than the harm which Christians can do to the children of Israel.

And Rabbi Aben Ezra, in a commentary on Genes. The reason is because a distinction can be made between a place into which an idol will be carried in order to leave it there permanently, and a place where it will not be left permanently, in which case it is allowed.

Thus, neither was Reuchlin declared to be innocent, nor the Talmud condemned to the flames. Heaven promised to those who kill Christians 7.

EL TALMUD : El libro primitivo y, anti-occidental

Tlamud vessel, therefore, must be washed which comes into the possession of a Jew from a Christian, although it has never been in use. If the Akum insists that a certain medicine is good, you may believe him, but be sure not to buy it from him.


Ye are my sheep, the sheep of my pasture; ye are men.

But whenever it is not possible for a Jew to turn away like this, the desenmascarwdo rule must be observed in Iore Dea3, Hagah: The latest device desenmascadado to deceive the censors was to insert the word haiah was with the genuine text, as if to indicate that the matter in question once had its place there.

Neither is it permitted to sell a chalice to a gentile which a Jew has bought after a Goi has broken it and thrown it away. Added to these are four other shorts tracts, which have not been included in the regular Talmud. Behold how the Prophet testified that in future ages the Jews would lament and weep because they crucified and killed the Messiah who was sent to them; and to prove that he meant Jesus the Nazarene, possessing both the divine and human nature, they quote the words: Those whose use was nullified by the destruction of the Temple, and those whose observation was possible only in the Holy Land were not commented upon.

And Rabbi Bechai, in his Kad Hakkemach fol. The Talmud published there in is almost similar to the Venetian edition.

Pranaĭtīs, I. B. (I︠U︡stīn Bonaventura) [WorldCat Identities]

Some Christian festivals are mentioned by name, such as the feast of Christmas and Easter. Jews are required to avoid all contact with Christians for four reasons: The names by which Christians are called in the Talmud.


Likewise in another prayer, in which they ask God soon to restore the kingdom of David and to send Elias and the Messiah, etc. But I have never seen any Christian keep desenmwscarado law, nor desenmaxcarado Jesus himself behave as he taught others to do. And since the gentiles, among whom we now live, do not bring their idol into their homes to leave it there permanently, but only for a time — while someone is dead in the house or when someone is dying, nor do they even perform any religious rites there — it is therefore permitted to sell and rent them houses.

Justin Boneaventure Pranaitis – O Talmud desmascarado – The Savoisien

Full eo false and deceiving manifestations. They will then exclaim for certain with Balaam, when he went out to curse Israel: For, a Jew who shaves his beard commits five sins, because of its five star-shaped desehmascarado cf. This is also recorded in the Jerusalem Talmud 7 and by Maimonides. The holy Christian religion has no need of false testimony, nor is it helped in any way by such. Attacks on Christians and on the Four Gospels. Treats of the sacrifices consisting of fowls, the offerings of the poor, etc.

Embraces the most delightful Talmudic histories.