With the surge in exports and inward remittances, RBI has permitted deposits of foreign currency in the Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account (EEFC). As mentioned earlier, % foreign exchange earnings can be credited to the EEFC accounts, all the credits accumulated in the account during. Exchange Earners Foreign Currency (EEFC) account is foreign currency- denominated account maintained with banks dealing with foreign.

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The letter of credit is an assurance issued which includes detailed information of the transaction and is generally restricted efc overseas FI counters. Otherwise, there are chances of losing profits with the adverse currency movements.

I forgot my password. It is beneficial to aaccount seller as he receives payments immediately after the shipment of goods, which in turn helps the importer to negotiate for better prices.

EEFC Account – Valuable Banking Facilities for Exporters – ICICI Bank

Is Airway bill a documents of title? Currency hedging against the contract is preferable here. Importers taking advantage of buyers credit leverage their business, as the cost of funding by the overseas FI are based on Libor or Euribor rates which are relatively economical than the domiciliary interest rates.

However, the contracts can be rolled over. Meanwhile, liberalisation has paved way for the blue chip companies to access global funds for their working capital requirements.

EEFC account can be opened, held or maintained only in the form of non-interest bearing current account. The more diligent banks also ask for a copy of the invoice against which the funds in the EEFC account have to be utilized. There is no restriction on withdrawal in rupees of funds held in an EEFC account. What is CT3 form. It is similar to an insurance.


What is Bank post shipment credit to exporters? Few other common problems faced by the importers are: There are many schemes provided by the government for such enterprises which lead to improvising in the economy of India. Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed. It helps you understand the expenses, and in turn aids in increasing your business value.

Exporters have choice to transfer his foreign exchange amount to EEFC account without converting to local currency, if major fluctuation in exchange rates occurs frequently. On 10 December 1. Further, in case of requirements, EEFC account holders are permitted to access the forex market for purchasing foreign exchange.

Export procedures and documentation. This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: The price movements of the currencies are unpredictable as the market forces have varied volatility in the global financial stability.

An importer initiates his business with the intention of accomplishing huge returns for the investments made.

Permissible Credits To EEFC Accounts

wefc Make a smart choice by opting hedging and anticipate profits against unfavourable financial climates. Such amount is credited in foreign currency which can be transferred to domestic currency as and when the account holder wishes to transfer.


One Stop Portal For All Your Buyers Credit Needs By Saurabh Jain India is an import-driven economy, where non-domestic commodities,goods and equipments etc are imported across national borders to make profits indigenously.

Can i acocunt my existing current account to EEFC account. Venture capitalists provide money to start-ups in the expectation of abnormally high return. What is DTA in export import trade?

Though a little time-consuming process, Suppliers credit backed by LC which is a similar option to Buyers credit has come to the rescue of small Importers. Interest Rate as per quote What are the risks and solutions in Export Business? Is DP terms of payment safe in export business?

They often remove pressure on the cash flow and insure you from unsettled bills of your overseas dealers.

EEFC Account. Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account

Get your import funding process effectively monitored and mitigate risks with SaveDesk. Inward remittances received by an exporter from an account maintained with an authorized dealer for the purpose of countertrade. Yes, the EEFC account balances can be hedged.

Low-cost source of funds As only imports under LC qualifies for suppliers credit the risk in the process is mitigated.