11 dez. A educação tradicional em Moçambique by Felizardo Cipire, , EMEDIL edition, in Portuguese – 2. ed. A educação tradicional em Moçambique by Felizardo Cipire, , EMEDIL edition, in Portuguese – 1. ed. A educação tradicional em Moçambique. Front Cover. Felizardo Cipire Bibliographic information. QR code for A educação tradicional em Moçambique.

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When dealing with cultural diversity is difficult to turn a blind eye to discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, language, cultures. Services on Demand Journal. Para mais detalhes sobre a biografia de Eduardo Mondlane, ver os trabalhos de Teresa Cruz e Silva, Revista Brasileira de Estudos Educafao e Regionais, n.

Sobre o assunto, ver, entre outros, Darch e Hedges ; o estudo pioneiro de Thomas H. The main feature of Mozambican cultural heritage is its diversity. For example, the illiterate in rural areas have a more ancient African culture and are poorer than the urban literate that have the traddicional universal cultural values.

Multicultural education also brings to discussion the issue of interculturalism that can mean just about the respect to “other”, or we can understand interculturalism being the mixing, blending of cultures.

Nas zonas libertadas, essa palavra de ordem pretendia ser uma realidade. According to Costap. Cultural difference can vary by ethnicity, race, age, religion, gender, geographic region, world views, desires, values and so on.

Although the concept of “hybridization” come loaded with colonial prejudices, is not so biased that we use such a term.

Nelson Mandela foi convidado por Joaquim Chissano, sucessor de Samora Machel, para homenagear quem, junto com ele, fora um lutador contra o regime do apartheid e um amigo incondicional do povo sul-africano. Isto fica evidente nos discursos Samora Machel, para quem a luta armada foi a “escola”, a “grande universidade” na qual se formaram os militantes da Frelimo.

When dealing with cultural diversity is difficult to separate such a reflection of social inequality, because we recognize that cultural differences are often socially marked. The socialist culture will be widely disseminated in schools through the National Education System eduvacao aimed tradicuonal form a “New Man” which meant “a man free of obscurantism, superstition and the colonial mentality and bourgeois, a man who assumes the values of socialist society” MINED,p.


A educação tradicional em Moçambique in SearchWorks catalog

Beyond multiculturalism and interculturalism, Mozambicans educators should also put in their agenda the issues of transcultural that has to do with the universal elements that are present in various cultures.

To exalt individual rights and freedoms, as well as preserving the particular and unique.

O caso de Belo Horizonte. Revista Brasileira de Estudos Urbanos e Regionais, vol. Studies on teaching practices in daily school show the need to seriously consider and reflect upon cultural diversity as one of the characteristics of the student population.

Despite the pedagogical discourse advocating a politics of recognition and acceptance of diversity, cultural differences and respect each other, the actions effectively carried out have not been able to create a more egalitarian society free of prejudices and stigmatization ethnic, racialreligious, linguistic, etc.

Cultural diversity in Mozambique One of the the aspects considered most relevant in the new curriculum for Basic Education relates to the issue of cultural diversity. Nascimento reproduz uma entrevista a Samora Machel realizada por Iain Christie 28 e Allen Isaacman 29 emna qual lhe foi perguntado sobre como divulgar o marxismo e construir o socialismo numa sociedade formada por uma imensa maioria de analfabetos.

One of the the aspects considered most relevant in the new curriculum for Basic Education relates to the issue of cultural diversity. The post-colonial studies reflect a lot about the concept of difference and the identities of subjects. One can consider that Mozambique has curriculum in Basic Education hybrid the level of contents, as well as the level of curriculum theories and approaches.

No V Congresso de julho de ou seja, alguns meses antes da queda do Muro de Berlim a Frelimo abandona o “marxismo”. This author argues that cultural identities are declining, “giving rise to new identities and fragmenting the modern individual, hitherto seen as a subject unified” Hall,p. Multiculturalismo e interculturalismo nos processos educacionais.

The portuguese colonization [initiated in ] will bring European influences that will be added to the cultures of immigrant communities from India and China that are being set in various parts of Mozambique.


Abstract One question that have concerned many educators is the management of cultural diversity at school. Intercultural perspective consider the relationships between different cultures and the interaction between them produces conflicts between different visions of the world; – respect to the subject in relation to intercultural education “as a relationship develops between people of different cultures.

A educação tradicional em Moçambique

Certain cultural groups such as women, the elderly, rural dwellers, are more marked by poverty than other groups that fit better on the hegemonic model. The discussion will be supported by a multireferential theoretical framework based on the fundamentals of Cultural and Post- Colonial Studies and the tenets of multicultural education. In a society like Mozambique, despite having multiple ethnicities and languages, have experienced many cases of cultural “contamination” and are inevitably converging aspects between various cultures.

The identities “centered and closed a national culture” are challenged and displaced and produce “a variety of possibilities and new positions of identification, and making identities more positional, more political, more plural and diverse, less fixed, unified or trans-historical”. It is this latter aspect that produces a convergence between postcolonial studies and cultural studies. Today we reject the thesis of “clash of civilizations” and defend that cultural diversity 3 is an asset as important to humanity as biological diversity and the intercultural and respect for differences are the best ways to ensure peace and development.

The teacher has to collect, systematize and make it “teachable” in class local content. Nesse sentido, segundo Cahenpp. Much of the ideas presented here derive from the findings of ethnographic educational research in Public Primary Schools in Mozambique. Revue Internationale des Sciences Sociales The cultural matrix of the Mozambican people is diverse.