ECOSTAR ΕΠΙΠΕΔΗ ΤΗΣ EDILKAMIN. ECOSTAR ΕΠΙΠΕΔΗ ΤΗΣ EDILKAMIN. Product Code: Availability: In Stock. Price: € Ex Tax: €. Qty: OR -. Edilkamin Ecostar Flat-Wood Insert-Energy Efficient Fireplace, Alternative Heating, Upgrading of existing fireplaces, Fireplace and Radiator stoves, Wood or. EDILKAMIN – ECOSTAR ROVNÝ V. Fireplaces» Fireplace inserts». EDILKAMIN – ECOSTAR ROVNÝ V. Code Common price, 1 ,00 €. Our price, 1.

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Safety-related Programmable Logic Controller System. SMX Compact series, for details see the actual revision list. Insert Camin 30 Idro.

Programmable safety board for machinery applications. Safe detection of a level as well as safe detection of an interface level. PROFIsafe input module, optional with coded identifier.

Positive opening position switches with separate actuator. For a detailed type code list providing the safety function see current “Version Release List”.

Details see “List of approved products ecoostar VersaSafe System”. Safety Related Programmable Electronic System. Clean Combustion System has been developed from the technical studies performed by Edilkamin, leader in stove and fireplace technology.


Ecostar Piana 13kW

Tally H 10kw Edilkamin heating stove wood in steel. For further details see actual Revision List. Caminetti Montegrappa Nordica Extraflame. In stock 5 Items.

Insert Camin 20 Idro. VersaSafe Programmable Controller Products: Prontostufe use only tecnical cookie that pemit the normal navigation on the web, there is not edillamin cookies. Nordica Thermorossi Eva Calor. The hot water accumulation in the top reduces the size of the thermo-stove.

Edilkamin Ecostar Flat-Wood Insert-Energy Efficient Fireplace-Alternative Heating

SMX – Series and extension modules. Safety-related Programmable Electronic System. Air and gas pressure switch for use in thermoprocessing equipment. See list of modules: C9 P07; X9 P Outside Italy is necessary the telefone number. Meters for the safe measurement of volume flow.

COMFORT CLIMA An extension of the concept of functioning in automatic, meaning that the stove switches off on reaching the desired temperature and switches back on again when the temperature drops use only in well-isolated small rooms so that the function is not activated continuously.


Electromechanical relays with forcibly guided contacts. C – Cryogenic Globe Valve G. System able to automatically manage pellet combustion. An innovative system edilksmin guarantees cleaner combustion products and greater heat efficiency.

Linear pneumatic spring return gate valve actuators. Protection of each regasification Train 1 to 3 against high pressure in the downstream equipment due to a blocked outlet of each individual discharge header. Absolute encoder single and multi turn and incremental encoder edostar turn.

BG Input Modules: HR Snella Plus. For approved versions see “Revision List”.

Casete Edilkamin Ecostar Fundicion

Electrically controlled exit systems for use on escape routes. For firm with Wat Id under 50 Euro edlkamin invoice must be requested otherwise a standard fiscal receipt will be inserted. The instructions of the associated Installation and Operating Manual shall be considered. LH, ST, for more details see the attached reversion list.