A rough guide to Drakensang. Poradnik do Drakensang. Autor: remainaery. A sketchy, mostly spoiler-free guide to make your life a little easier. 40, o, Harp of Time · Ashraya, J’Ibal, Abyss of Time. 40, o, Seeds of Eternity · Ashraya, J’Ulda, Atlantis above Water. 40, o, The Assistant · Ashraya, B’Ala, Atlantis. The River of Time – Gandalf. Text; Nadoret, · Poradnik, · Komora, · Mytnicza, · Zadaniu, · Zadania, · Ukryta, · Elfi, · Hammerberg, · Obozowisko, · Gandalf.

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He is pursued by a band of orcs and will ask you to halt the creatures for him to run away.

Find the human smuggler Smuggler 20 and Tashman can be found in Wagoner’s Home. Find the missing woodcutter Holdwin can be found north of the Praiotes camp.

When it rains, it pours Head to the mill 29where Thalya will be waiting for you. You will learn that there is a special password.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]

Tunnels beneath the castle – level 4 Another riddle blocks your path – in order to pull the grates 16 up you will need to pull the torch handles in the right order It is right It’s right beside peddler Holwick, near “Serene Sow” 3 in a basement 2. Let the orcs leave drakensanng talk to Knight Traldar. When Gallo refuses to pay you 2 ducats eat the tongues. Dark Eyes hideout 9. The relic will be assembled drakensanv you will take part in a ceremony during which an Oracle will speak The Addled Mind in Moorbridge After completing Preparation for the Dragon Quest and listening Oracle, Dorion 2 will try and interpret her words stating, the person she was talking about may be Rakorium, who is currently in Moorbridge.


Inside the workshop you will find 80 Ducats, Ardo’s family sword and the description of his adventures. Talk to hunter Owlstone Tell him that you’ve slain White Fur. Grand Inquisitor da Vanya 7. With a fish in your pocket return to the crime scene, feed the cat and then follow it to the spot where Eelko hid his brooch 7. Talk to her and say that you give up and that Firniane will have to talk to the witch in person.

Once you get all of these, he will produce a magic powder. Give her the item right away. Chapter V – Maps. Talk to him about the stealing of the chronograph supposedly conducted by Dranor. For a handful of Ducats continued – house Neisbeck Malt and hop Pagol Babek 9 has another work for you. After solving Solve the kobold’s riddle talk to him about alchemy and Auralia, and he will give you the ingredient you need. Stop Humbold’s pursuers You can now head out to the newly revealed location.


Watch the cinematic and you will receive the Shield of Fire. Talk to the workers outside to get in.

R My Little Plant Babies. After dealing with the harpies you will again cross paths with Archon Megalon 2.

Owlstone the Hunter Talk to the Innkeeper Thalion Pick up Reginald from the bay Head to the pier to pick up Reginald 6. You have to complete Find the lock, to solve the mystery. To Ducal Citadel 9. He will tell you that according to the Book of the Serpent you will need a powerful wizard.


Find the dancing place The magical spot can be found in north-eastern part of the map Journey to Ferdok You can finally go to Ferdok Important! The solution to the riddle is: Leader of the Neisbecks, who will give you your mission – you are to kill Tashman, who is no longer of use. You’re supposed to find 9 guild emblems spread all throughout the building. There, he will give you the letter for Nandor