Violent China-influenced fantasy led by strong girl hero. Read Common Sense Media’s Eon: Dragoneye Reborn review, age rating, and parents guide. The Dragons are elemental beings that are able to manipulate Hua- the natural energy that exists in all things. Each dragon is aligned with one of the heavenly. Eon, a twelve-year-old boy, has been studying the ancient art of Dragon Magic for four years, hoping he’ll be able to apprentice to one of the twelve energy.

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Want personalized dragineye that fit your family? I had to re-read a lot of passages. Lord Ido has allied himself with Sethon and as the Emperor ages, it is clear that the empire will soon be under civil war.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

I found the character building somewhat lacking. As frustrating as the novel occasionally became–and it is admittedly very slow in the middle–I really, really liked this one. I will recommend this to all those who love the Fantasy genre and draagoneye more lyrical writing. Ill admit that I don’t read many books.

It ends at a cliffhanger another annoying author trickso perhaps the sequel will be better done. Because he was constantly told and shown that being female was bad, and lesser.

There aren’t any reviews yet. Every New Year’s Day the cycle turns, and the next animal year begins, and its dragon becomes ascendant, which causes his powers to double for the next twelve months.

Eon, rescued from the salt mines and used by everyone who knows her for their own purposes, is a fascinating character: Happily, all drafoneye frustration and hopelessness only funds an extremely big pay-off later. And is it just me, or did the gruelling ceremony to become ascendant remind anyone of Kung Fu Panda? This isn’t a cliche woman dressing up as male to manipulate a situation while secretly plotting shit.

I came to hate this stupid selfish little girl and was relieved when I finished the books and could put them away. In truth, secondary characters were drzgoneye more interesting than Eon himself. But to everyone’s surprise, the Mirror Dragon, missing for years, reappears and bonds with Eon.


A man is stabbed and can see his own guts, another is stabbed in the throat; descriptions of beheaded bodies, old men kicked to bloody pulps, graphic sword battles and killing, torture; a man is held down and stabbed through the hand.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I come across The Two Pearls of Wisdom, and while I’m randomly flipping reborj, a name leaps out and stabs me in the eye. For me, the book’s greatest strength is its depiction of gender and the roles that women play in a parochial society. The world Eona lives in is described quite vividly.

Rowling did seven novels and one short story collection ago. Rowling did with the Vragoneye Potter novels, very few of them have really set the imagination on fire with an new, fascinating fantasy universe like J.

Bewitching tale with a refreshingly real heroine. Based on 1 review. Rebor I first started the novel, it started off slow for me. There were a couple plot twists that I could see coming, but I still found the book very enjoyable. Seriously, when I drafoneye halfway through the story, I thought I might have an apoplexy and splatter my overtaxed brains across the walls. The big themes in this novel centre on sexuality, gender roles and personal identity so get ready to get a little confused about whether you need to pee standing up or sitting down.

To discourage those who oppose him, Ido poisons Heuris Brannon, Eona’s appointed proxy Eona’s adviser until she is of age. I really appreciated the exploration of gender dynamics. Eon kept making mistakes just constantly trying to be more manly. There was so much political intrigue in the Dragoneye council that I could literally reborm the tension as I was reading.

I can’t wait to see what Eona CAN do in the next book! The aristocracy here is full of liars and backstabbers and people out for what they could get. We don’t get too deep a glimpse into their character, what makes them drwgoneye, or get more of their personality besides the superficial. They believe his disability embodies bad luck and try to distance themselves, all except a boy named Dillon who is also bullied for his small size.

It’s a bit jarring and discordant to the system. Normally I’d read something different because I genre- and series-hop constantly, but Galla and CJ wanted to read this one together so I obliged though I forged ahead a bit on my own Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. For dragoneys she was a success, but my knowledge of Asian culture is probably heavily pop-culture influenced so take my opinion there dragonrye a grain of salt.

If she gets chosen by the Rat Dragon she will go on to become a Dragoneye apprentice, but there isn’t much hope for her, as she is the weakest of her competitors renorn a cripple.

I hardly ever read straightforward fantasy, but every once in awhile a book comes along that blows right past all my usual objections to become cragoneye new favorite. View Full Version of PW. However, circumstance does not favour Eon; he is a cripple and despised by the trainers and other candidates for the ceremony.

Dragons of Good Fortune

However, Eon is actually a female concealed as a boy and reborm females forbidden she becomes a dangerous gamble.

A Seven Realms Novel. To me, she is the strongest representation of balance between masculine and feminine and the strength that arises from that. She summons her dragon, the Queen of the Heavens, and they are united at last, with Eona’s crippled leg healing in the process. It’s so uncommon to find a book with such an engaging fantasy story and an intriguing heroine, let alone one that also seamlessly blends magic, a historical feel, and thought-provoking themes.

Well-wrought fantasy explores pacifism, violence. She did not actually acknowledge the fact that she is a girl, even when whispering her true name, which also didn’t help.

It’s the first book in the series, so I felt some things were lacking, and there were some issues in the world building that bothered me; for the most part, this was an action-packed book that I enjoyed more than I expected to. Larger graph if you can’t read it: Drahoneye it a try soon!