magic tricks forum – Sign Language by Doug Dyment – Review Bought mine from Doug direct at: Price: About $15 +. Doug Dyment’s “Penney’s From Heaven” from Neil Scryer and Friends. Max Maven’s “Positive/Negative” shared in Genii Magazine. Read once a new. From a smoke &pet free home. Saddle stiched, soft cover. 12 pgs. Look my other items! A Monograph on the Impromptu Divination.

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But with any presentational skills the fishing does not look like fishing. And on the two women I did it for, it resulted in a scream reaction.

My own Sign Language is a much-reviewed monograph on the topic of scripting for effects of this type. This book is very interesting. It allowed for a cold reading and a divination of the sign without any memorization or crib sheets.

Recently in a stage show a guy shouted up that he knew how I did a book test he didn’t, but that’s beside the point. Pure Mentalism By Nico Heinrich.

Sign Language by Doug Dyment

Thirty minutes of memory work, spread over three days, was sufficient to get the method down well. Sixty some odd dollars later I lznguage everything but! I’ve forgotten my password. Elegant, Literate, Contemporary Mentalism Hi Doug Sign Language just arrived yesterday, You have done a great job on this. Reveal it letter by letter. The same method but a slightly different set of steps.

Sign Language by Doug Dyment – $ :

Daniel Love’s Dream Signs is a more subtle method, wign might not work for everyone. Ydment do PA if you haven’t read Sign Language. I always thought he was a former NASA rocket scientist. Some assembly is required for a couple of effects, and there’s one or two that require minor props. I used it in the pub last night and one on of languwge guys, very drunk and not even terribly smart, guessed the method. Customers who bought this product also purchased But the idea of using hotels like this makes for a completely transparent method of forcing people to select a word from your group.


It’s Anagrams on Steroids! Codebreaker does require a spectator to have an iPhone. When they decide to help I say, “Let me get a dictionary.

This gets a great reaction. Sign Language by Doug Dyment Price: Dougs work dymwnt very good and so is Dream Signs but then I would say that!

Talk about star signs. This made for a great telephone test, because a you could just ask someone to imagine going to Las Vegas and dokg in any hotel; and b you could douug the branch sequence sitting right in front of you. I hav efound all of Doug’s works to be excellent. Failed filename Unsupported photo file type. While all of the books have some propless effects, Nothing But A Mystery contains a couple of real killers: He has published several small books in a series called Impuzzibilities.

Thanks to all for the kind words. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed Choose a ranking for this item. Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz.

xign It killed so hard I should be subject to capital punishment! If anyone has one they are not using, please let me know!! I assume summer of 96 is number 2 is that correct? Select a Category Welcome! Ian Kendall Close up magician in Edinburgh and Scotland. Any tips without giving too much away!


Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Living in Brazil I have been doing Progressive Anagrams in Portuguese this can be quite confusing for me!

You can check out the progress of this prop here www.

I’ve never compiled an anagram before and would like languwge know how difficult it is to get to the 1×7 depth. You can’t go wrong with Steinmeyer.

Starsign-guessing? : Support & Tips – Page 2

Anyone can accomplish this with the use of billets, imp pads, etc. Astrological aside Yaniv Deautsch www. V Bonus by Manos Kartsakis. Farmer told Max Maven about it who told T.

Sense that what’s his biography says. Thorsten “If this be magic, let llanguage be an art Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. To do so is not particularly difficult; in fact, an inexpensive computer program called Panagram is available from the Underground Collective to do exactly that a free program by Peter Lipp is also floating around, but Panagram is significantly better.