The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) Mass Market Paperback – September 16, Frank Herbert () created the most beloved novel in the annals of science. The Dosadi Experiment is part of a series on Saboteur Extraordinary Jorj X. McKie consisting of two pieces of short fiction, A Matter of Traces. The Dosadi Experiment is a Science Fiction novel by Frank Herbert; part of his ConSentiency series (less famous than his Dune series). The protagonist is.

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Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Notify me of new posts via email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: That makes me wonder: McKie learns from a friendly Caleban dxperiment they have helped the Gowachin with an experiment that has lasted several generations: Published by Berkley Putnam in Additional resources – I’m also curious as to his experimnet of animal. Drama, struggle for survival and entertainment rolled into one.

It’s especially apparent in this and Whipping Star. I have just recently finished re-reading it and if anything am more awe-struck than before.

One is the past history of the main character. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


There is only survival and death, enemy and ally– and all alliances are temporary. This page was last edited on 2 Octobereosadi I was a bit surprised at first to find this book has such mixed reviews on here. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I associate dogs with subservience and love for their masters.

Most importantly we have in both novels the theme of the population of an isolated planet with extreme conditions, such that high mortality rates lead to extraordinary physical and mental toughness combined with a burning desire for revenge upon a galaxy perceived as culpable for their situation, whether by direct oppression or merely the complicity of indifference.


His stories describe social and legal structures so byzantine they require page upon page of explanation, and political maneuverings so subtle that empires can seemingly fall on the arch of an eyebrow.

It was fascinating following McKie having to get up to speed very quickly to be able to survive alongside the hardship-hardened Dosadi, becoming more Dosadi than the Dosadi, and his relationship with Keila Jedrik.

The Dosadi Experiment (Literature) – TV Tropes

However, while in Dune drugs were typically used to expand one’s consciousness and obtain access to higher levels of awareness, drugs in Dosadi society seem to have no real positive function, instead being experimentt more than levers by which the elites can better control their subordinates, particularly those entrusted with important secrets that involve the elite’s vulnerabilities.

Quotes from The Dosadi Experi It has been years since I read “The Whipping Star”.

Herbert sets the stage for a fascinating legal dramaalbeit a weird, baffling, alien but nonetheless hypnotic drama. Jedrik is the leader of the resistance on the planet Dosadi. They are so adept at instantly reading and cataloging subtle emotional cues in others they can seem telepathic.

THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT – Frank Herbert () | Weighing a pig doesn’t fatten it.

For example, the people set on Dosadi evolve to be both extremely perceptive and quick thinkers, as their violent living conditions are ruthless to the meek and the slow.

Full Random Comments review McKie is a Saboteur Extraordinary and the protagonist of this book. The basic plot centers on McKie and Jedrik. Expediment 08, J. Trivia About The Dosadi Experi Law must retain useful ways to break with traditional forms because nothing is more certain than that the forms of Law remain when all justice is gone.


THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT – Frank Herbert (1977)

The toadlike Gowachins have an attitude of ‘respectful disrespect’ towards the law, and McKie is the only human ever admitted to their ranks of Legums. The story could have taken a turn for something expfriment different at virtually every point. The problem was the length of time it took me to get to ‘the “regular” good stuff’.

This site uses cookies. It was an okay book. View all 3 comments.

Though experi,ent seems familiar, the events of The Dosadi Experiment play out uniquely enough that Herbert’s style comes through yet not in a way that seems repetitive or overdone like my use of adjectives. I’d even go so far as to say that this is a must read for any serious Dune afficianados because the eosadi provides one more point of entry into that univer I wanted to give this book a low rating because the first 70 pages are painfully boring and unintelligible For the Dosadi have bred for Vengeance as well as cunning, and they have learned how to pass through the shimmering God Wall to exact their dreadful revenge on the Experimrnt that creat Beyond the God Wall Generations of a tormented human-alien people, caged on a toxic planet, conditioned by constant hunger and war-this is the Dosadi Experiment, and it has succeeded too well.

I liked Whipping Star, because despite its faults, it was basically trying to communicate an alien understanding to the reader, as alien as mindset as the reader might possibly be able to understand.