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If, then, this idea is clearly grasped, it logically follows from it that the Root of Life is not to be found in the comparison of good and evil, but in the simple affirmation of the Spirit as the All-creating power of Good.

It does so in the mechanism of the planet, in the production of supply for the support of physical life, and in the maintenance lecturess the race as a whole.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward – Free Ebook

Then it perceives that its Unity consists in a greater and a lesser movement, just as the rotation of the earth on its axis does not interfere with its rotation round the sun but are both motions of the same unit, and are definitely related to each other. May we not enter into the originating Spirit of Life itself, and so reproduce it in ourselves as a perennial spring of livingness?

Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner in me; consequently in my own special world, of which I am the centre, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before. And since what makes a law generic is precisely the fact that it does not supply the specific conditions, it follows that the conditions for the specializing of the Law must be provided by the individual.

When we see this we have realized a general principle, which we find at work everywhere.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

When we realize this on the one hand, and on the other that all external conditions, including the body, are produced by thought, we find ourselves standing between two infinites, the infinite of Mind and the infinite of Substance–from both of which we can draw what we will, and mould specific conditions out of the Universal Substance by the Creative Power which we draw in from the Universal Mind. Therefore we must remember that man, as we know him now, has by no means reached the ultimate of his evolution.

The Complete Reader By: That is the meaning of a general principle: What does this mean? If you can stand the rambling, pompous prose, Troward attempts to build a case for spirituality in relation to the bible. Thomas Troward Narrated by: We shall know exactly what we want to do and why we want to do it, and so will act in a reasonable and intelligent manner.

The recognition of this is the discovery of our own relation to the whole world of the relative. Of course these are only very imperfect tgomas but if you car once grasp the idea of your own individuality as a thought in the Divine Mind which is able to perpetuate itself by thinking of itself as the thought which it is, you have got at the root of the whole matter, and by the same process you will not only perpetuate your life but will also expand it.


And when anyone reaches it, he finds himself in a New Order. Further, Troward emphasized developing oneness with the source of all or Universal Mind. Without creative powers mankind would still be living in caves, without any new ideas or advancement, so it is important to understand and harness this power.

Lifeasart rated it really liked it Dec 24, After his retirement from the judiciary inDofe set out to apply logic and a judicial weighing of evidence in the study of matters of cause and effect. It is for this reason that man is said to be created in the image and likeness of God; and if we realize that it is impossible for him to be otherwise, we shall find a firm foundation from which to draw many important deductions. Almost imperceptibly to ourselves we grow into a New Order of Thought which proceeds, not from a knowledge of good and evil, but from the Principle of Life trowatd.

The Doré Lectures on Mental Science

Vishal rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Hephzibah may therefore be translated as “a guarded one,” thus recalling the New Testament description of those who are “guarded into salvation. It is that process of differentiation of the universal into the particular of which I have so often spoken, which, by a rude analogy, we may compare to the differentiation of the universal electric fluid into specific sorts of power by its passage through suitable apparatus.

Now this is nothing more than transferring to letures innermost plane of origination, a principle with which all readers who are “in the thought” may be presumed to be quite familiar–the principle of Receptiveness.

Immortal Man collects lectures from the last years of Neville’s life representing the teacher in his full maturity. Clear and definite intention is therefore as necessary in our receptive attitude as in our active and creative one; and if our intention is to have our own thoughts and feelings moulded into such forms as to express those of the Spirit, then we establish that relation to the Spirit lecctures, by the conditions of the case, must necessarily lead us to the conception of new ideals vitalised by a power which will enable us to bring them into concrete manifestation.

Rich Radford rated it really liked it Jun 30, If these things be so, why does not every individual express the life, love, and beauty of the Universal Spirit? On the other hand this must not lead us into the mistake of supposing that there is nothing higher, for, as we have already seen, this inmost principle or lectutes is itself the effect of an antecedent cause, for it proceeds from the imaging process in the Divine Mind.

Lawrence Hung rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Alexiel rated it it was amazing Mar 01, This raw material can be cultivated by our mental and spiritual powers.

Then the final result will be that we shall see the Divine Mind to be nothing else than Life, Love and Beauty–Beauty being identical with Wisdom or the perfect adjustment of parts to whole–and we shall see ourselves to be distributing centres of these primary energies and so in our turn subordinate centres of creative power.

He does not expect to find the starting point of the Creative Process reproduced within himself, and so he looks to the mechanical side of things for the basis of his reasoning about life.


Sensi rated it really liked it Nov 28, The law which every new creation carries with it is therefore not a contradiction of the old law but its specialization into a higher mode of action. In this way we become centres through which the creative forces find specialization by the development of that personal factor on which the specific application of general laws must always depend. This is where many fall short of completed work.

Why should we not, then, apply the same method to ourselves and see whether there are no potentialities hidden away in the law of our own being which we have not as yet by any means brought to their fulfilment?

Relatively to the Universal Lextures the individual soul is esoterically feminine, as I have pointed out in “Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning,” because its function is that of the receptive and formative. Hitherto we have taken forms and conditions as the starting point of our thought and inferred that they are the causes of mental states; now we have learnt that the true order of the creative process is exactly the reverse, and that thought and feeling are the causes, and forms and conditions the effects.

But whether acting cosmically or personally it is always the same Spirit and therefore cannot lose its inherent character which is-that of the Power which creates ex nihilo. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. From this new standpoint it does not in any way contradict the laws of the cosmic order, but proceeds to specialize them, and thus to bring out trowwrd through the individual which could not be otherwise attained.

This is the reason why, if we take the action of pure unmanifested Spirit as our starting-point, we may confidently trust it to produce manifestations of law which, though perfectly new from the stand-point of our past experience, are quite as natural in their own way as any that have gone before.

For instance, let us consider the working of Love. Everything is done from love and nothing from compulsion, there is perfect confidence on both sides, and both are equally indispensable to each other.

Then we gradually see the greater thought which prompted our smaller one and we find ourselves working along its lines, guided by the invisible hand of the Creative Spirit into continually increasing degrees of livingness to which we need assign no limits, for it is the expansion of the Infinite within ourselves.

But we must recollect that this is not by the force of personal will upon the substance, which is an error that will land us in all sorts of inversion, but by realizing our mind as a channel through which the Universal Mind operates upon substances in a trowxrd way, according to the mode of thought which we are seeking to embody. Knowing, then, that by its inherent nature this Intelligence can only work to the expansion of the individual life, we can rest upon it with the utmost confidence and trust it to take an initiative which will lead to far greater results than any we could forecast from the stand-point of rore own knowledge.