Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana. Words Sep 18th, 9 Pages. • Characters: 1. Narrator •*passive/lazy • – from the beginning, he showed no interest. Read story Divide by Two: Answers to Guide Questions by pursuerpassions (Sab ) with reads. questions, sabrina, answers. 1. Describe Belle as a person. •Characters: 1. Narrator •*passive/lazy • – from the beginning, he showed no interest about the issue • – he keeps on sitting on his lounging.

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They talked about their lives and also about the unfriendly note. The characters were the Author, who was the husband of Belle and the dynamic character in the story.

Flowers of May by Francisco Arcellana is about a family mourningthe death of their daughter. The Lady, she divice the wife of the guy and the person whom Belle dislikes.

Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana

First, the Filipinos have strong familyties and second, the mats have bonded that tie till … death as in thecase of the Arcellana family. Would you like to merge this question into it? It relates what happens in an objective manner without giving any comments.

He gave it to Belle and she seemed to be contented. Summary of the flowers of may by Francisco Arcellana?

Summary of divided by two by francisco arcellana

Respect people though their were your enemies. This proves he had already finished college and even got his masteral degree. The scenario became more intense when Belle appeared and started shouting at the guy. He invited the guy standing on his porch to come in but he refused.


The flowers of may by francisco arcellana? Some of the settings of “The Mats” by Francisco Arcellana are: Upon the confrontation, is there any reason for them why they should walk a little farther from their house? Frajcisco baya answer nohhh kamohh lang kaha. Finally, the issue about the reason why she chose the spot right up next to their. Out of nowhere, Belle appeared.

It came to the point that the author yelled at him. Her husband tried to calm her but it was no use.

When he arrivedhome from his arcelllana, he presented the mats to his family. Finally, Nata, The child of Belle and the Author and the one who delivered the message to their neighbor.

As heunfolds one mat after another, he narrated the emotions, longingsand beautiful memories they have had as a family. Divide by Two is a short story by Francisco Arcellana.

It did not directly xrcellana what do really happen in the end.

Divide by Two by Klint Canilla on Prezi

Angeles dividd away from his home for another periodic inspection trip but as he look forward to his homecoming he sent a letter for nana Emilia that he has a surprise for … the family – that when he get home he will bring a mat.

After that, he sat on his lounging chair while listen to Belle. Angeles taken his first trip andhad written a letter to Nana Emilia about his franccisco … ift to them. Thus creating more complex situation. He might be a construction worker or farmer or anything that requires much manpower. What is the plot summary of The Mats by Francisco Arcellana?


It is destructive because it can possibly harm others. Every events happened one step at a time. Angeles was away from his home for another periodic inspection trip but as he look forward to his homecoming he sent a letter for nana Emilia that he has a surprise for th … e family – that when he get home he will bring a mat.

The accused guy made the first move after a long dead air. Choose a video to embed. Belle insisted that their neighbors should have informed them about the fence.

Angeles cried with pain while telling his wifethat his children must always be in their memory no matter wherethey are now. Home Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana. Arcellana’s story would indeed capturethe Filipino readers by heart for his brilliant display of emotionsby using only one symbolism-THE MAT. Angeles had taken his second trip in thisplace and wrote for the second time, Nana Emilia bj letter. It was his fight not her. Mariveles, Eivide where Mr.