The compact DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal is ideal for use in a wide range of weighing applications, regardless of whether you’re focusing on operating. DISOMAT® Tersus to control a crane DISOMAT® Tersus panel-mounting unit in field housing DISOMAT® Tersus Crane Scale, see Manual BV-HAA. A Schenck model DISOMAT Tersus (VTG ) digital indicator as shown in between weighing ranges may be automatic or manual.

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The terminal is more efficient, extremely adaptable, highly flexible and sustainable, delivering the very best solution for complex tasks. Combi Housing VKG 4. Local Box VVG 4. Bolts can then be tightened easily with the use of a hex socket head spanner.

Dongle With Jumper Settings To parameterize and calibrate your system: Other benefits at a glance: All fieldbus interfaces are designed as cards to be plugged into the processor card. In case of verification, bond stamp onto housing seam. Office contacts Contact us. No special jumper position must be observed.



The measuring system can be part of a more complex plant. Accessories for anti-vibration installation fixation on crane are optionally available.

To ensure optimal EMC resistance, we recommend to use the cables indicated for the single fieldbuses. Linearity Zero point stability Range stability?

The table below lists the available variants: For data technical information, please Manual BV-H Provide firmly connected power cable. Before performing work on the mechanical system or peripherals particularly the control systemdisconnect the measuring system and protect the system from inadvertent restart.

Installation Prerequisites n n n The housing is protected to IP Explosion-proof Protective Circuitries The explosion-proof protective circuitry consists of plug-in Z barriers placed on a carrier module equipped with 6 slots.

A fieldbox with a high degree of protection is available. Proof of Manua, Safety Fig. Load cell supply table U: The functionalities of single scales and interfaces are described in the relevant scale manuals.

Personnel Preparation, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and servicing may exclusively be performed by skilled persons only. Desk-top Housing VTG 4.



They are of rugged and standard industrial design. For further reading For further information, please refer to the documents below.

Base Unit Figure 7: An additional power supply unit is necessary. The latter can be accessed after removal of the easily accessible CPU and measuring circuit boards remove coupling board, if present. Operate your device tdrsus proper condition and as orginally intended. Depending on fieldbus system used, there are certain restrictions, e.

B01 and user cable V Secondary Displays This page has been left empty intentionally.

Secondary Displays Connectors 5.