les dejo el manual en español o si no lo buscan en del idioma que deseen. Owner’s manual, Integrated effects switching system • Read online or download PDF • DigiTech RP User Manual. View and Download DigiTech RP owner’s manual online. DigiTech Integrated Effects Switching System Owner’s Manual. RP Switch pdf manual .

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It sets a maximum boundary for the strength of a signal.

When the Expression row is selected, this knob selects the LFO waveform. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Page 51 Perfect if you play intricate metal. The tone is nasely, distorts easy due to the low wattage but cuts through! To change the level of a preset, follow these steps: Amplifier The amplifiers are an assortment of popular digitch and modern amp tones. Looper Looper The RP includes a dedicated Looper phrase sampler that lets you record up to 20 seconds of your guitar playing and play it back as an endless loop so msnual can solo over it, You can also add more guitar work to the recorded loop overdub.

Press and hold the flashing Store button for 3 seconds until restOreD appears in the display digiitech release. Preset Level When the display prompts you with FaCt rst, release the Store button, which is now flashing.

Use if you want to drive your tone over the edge. Before connecting the RP to anything, make sure both mamual amp and the RP are turned off. The amplifiers also include acoustic guitar simulations. The amplifiers also include acoustic guitar simulations. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


Page 47 The Grunge produces tones from early famous Seattle sounds to borderline metal. DigiTech Solo Dialed in tone ideal for laying down solos for country, rock, jazz, blues and even metal. Page 16 Amp Loop Return. Vibrato vibrato The DigiTech Vibrato effect modulates the pitch of the rp10000 signal at an even rate.

The RP features genuine Lexicon whose rich, lush effects have been heard in countless songs, soundtracks, and live performances for decades. Volume – Knob 6 adjusts the volume of the effect.

DigiTech RP1000 User Manual

Not your standard overdrive, the Redline takes overdrive to a place that never existed. Tone Library Knob 1 In Performance mode, this knob selects from a library of preset amp tones. The RP includes the following Chorus Effects: When the rl1000 prompts you with FaCt rst, release the Store button, which is now flashing. If the Display shows errOr, an error has occurred and steps 2 through 5 should be repeated.

Table Of Contents Phaser Chorus Stompbox Models A Chorus adds a short delay to your signal. The Looper rp100 start recording as soon as Down footswitch again. Tone Libraries that use amps only will not provide distortion or tone changes since amps and cabinets are esoaol disabled.

The RP includes the following Tremolo types: A more simplistic Chorus giving you a warm Chorus tone like the CE-2 but adding a 3rd knob allowing you to adjust the overall level as well. Page digitecch Knobs have the following functions for the various Distortions: The 8 character alpha-numeric display shows preset names, bank names, and effects names while editing. To begin looping, press the red indicating the Looper ep1000 armed and ready to record but not actually recording yet.


Effect row is selected for editing. The RP includes the following Chorus Effects: Left mono Line Output The RP has placed the Amps and Effects in an order for optimum results.

You load Presets with the Footswitches see Preset Mode and Pedal- board Mode on page 14 for more information rp100 that. To begin looping, press the Down footswitch. Perfect if you play intricate metal. Add extra gain and a thicker low end and the Redline was born.

Enter text from picture: Phaser As the phasing changes, dif- ferent frequencies get canceled resulting in a warm sort of twisting sound. When editing a preset, this knob changes the Amp or Effect model for the selected row and pressing the knob will turn the effect row on or off.

Vibropan Volume – Knob 6 adjusts the volume of the effect. Press this knob to turn the Delays on and off. April 21, European Contact: Page 9 RP is connected to a computer and using recording software.