This paper will examine Elfriede Jelinek’s () celebrated novel, Die Klavierspielerin(), as a narrative that deploys the close link. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: German Look inside this book. Die Klavierspielerin (German Edition) by [Jelinek, Elfriede] Elfriede Jelinek (Author) . Die Klavierspielerin (German Edition) [JELINEK] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by JELINEK.

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Erika, tu credi klaviegspielerin io non sappia dove sei stata. Step to the beat, clap to the rhythm, and she will assume you functional; a working appliance does not require attention. Somehow I was reconciled with her in the year Is it ever justifiable for one human being to take possession of another human’s will and freedom; is it okay to retain another human being for our own personal use, like you would do with a motor vehicle or a cup or a comb? Erika Kohut is a piano teacher at the prestigious and formal Vienna Conservatory, who still lives with her domineering and possessive mother.

Lo dico sempre, certe cose uhhh possono essere narrate solo dalle donne. Not that Erika has not busted a gut trying: The tensions build within the relationship as Klemmer finds himself more and more uncomfortable by the control, and eventually Klemmer beats and rapes Erika in her own apartment, her mother in the next room.

La critica a Vienna mi fa ricordare Bernhard I wouldn’t want to translate Pynchon to another language, it would be tough, but if she did it, if her language and prose was altered as a result, maybe her work is klavierwpielerin difficult to translate. Not even poor Father, because he exited soon after daughter Erika entered the familial bed – he was taken to the mental health funny-farm in the back of the pig-butcher’s truck. What is it then?


I don’t know what else to add to the issues already outlined, other than to say I felt equally hectored and patronised and can’t be jelonek with any more of it. When I eventually came back to reality, all I wanted however was to applaud to Elfriede Jelinek. I was perfectly honest about my dislike of The Wasp Factory for its silly, gratuitous violence.

Elfriede Jelinek*Die Klavierspielerin*

Want to Read saving…. They cannot come out anymore, no matter where Erika cuts herself, because she has had to build a wall around them. And yet, the novel is well written, with surprising moments of lyricism; I cannot deny its value, despite the depressing story it contains. Never mind the banalities of evil that crop up in the beginning, those will soon recede before the tide of the Greater Things in Life. I think Jelinek would understand. Jelinek lesen bereitet die gleiche Lust wie ein Zahnarztbesuch: Portrait by Amedeo Modigliani When Erika and Walter are in her room the first time, when they shut Mother out via the wardrobe in front of the door, ” The woman has made contact with him in writing, but a simple touch would have scored a lot more points.

Also, it is impossible for me to say if this translation is by someone who was unable to write a non-contorted straightforward sentence in English; or if Elfriede Jelinek wanted to sound like an earnest Martian who has not quite mastered Earth languages yet. Translated by Joachim Neugroschel, it was the first of Jelinek’s novels to be translated into English.

In many ways, Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Klavierspielerin is amazing. Erika distrusts young girls; she tries to gauge their clothing and physical dimensions, hoping to ridicule them.

Is it being suffocated by the one who loves you or beaten by the one you think you love? Credo che il sarcasmo usi le metafore ma le metafore uelinek anche lo scudo e lo schermo con cui la Jelinek si difende dal dolore autobiografico.


Elfriede Jelinek*Die Klavierspielerin* Illustration by Victoria Trok –

I wondered why Erika doesn’t leave her despotic mother. She may deserve a Nobel Prize in Literature for that. Mama saw early on that she might just have the talent to be a concert pianist.

Erika non prova quasi nulla, anche quando si taglia o klavierspielrrin punge: Today I reviewed my klavierspielegin time pet hate Strindberg, one of the authors I have loved to torture myself with since adolescence. She feels a kind of lust, but has no means to express or expunge it. Worth noting is that:. View all 5 comments.

If you’re that klavierspislerin of literary masochist, please go on. Erika does not understand. This gesture of humility will prevent the maternal will from shredding the soft, unformed filial will and munching on its bloody limbs.

This one literary message board that I am a member of has a constant hate-on for her contribution to letters and her prize.

The Piano Teacher

No one said you were allowed to comfortably watch from the fully furnished box, high up in the usual lofty assuredness of the Reader-God, sanitized and sanctified by virtue of distance. Simply by living his own life, he has created his own sperm, arduously and tediously.

I liked this exploration a lot, at times even more than a lot. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.