Do someone know where I cans find the “Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifier” by Merlin Blencowe book in USA?? Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers is a unique guide to the operation and practical design of linear power supplies, especially for valve equipment. I’ve been getting a lot of mail about my power supplies book. I’m sorry to say I permanently removed it from print.

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Sign up to receive offers and updates: This should make the design process quicker and less confusing, leaving blencow time for the actual building. I have no idea how you managed to fit all this stuff in under what I paid for it.

Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifiers

In fact, it was only in reading his explanation of calculating heatsink requirements that my eyebrows began to knit, my forehead furrowed.

My poewr thoughts were that it would certainly be possible to create a shunt regulator, such as the following. For example, he begins a section titled amplifiees output voltages of rectifier circuits” thus:.

Fortunately, all the best material from the power supply book can now be found in the final chapter of my hi-fi gor book! Likewise, the MJE never dissipates much heat, so it also can be run naked. Numerous practical circuits are included, for high-voltage stabilisers, heater regulators, optimised bias circuits, high-voltage supplies using ‘junk box’ parts, and even audio power control for guitar amplifiers.

He talks about the myth of “cathode stripping”, and provides evidence that this is a transmitting tube phenomena, and that this happens at an electric field strength level that almost never occurs in receiving tubes. Can a positive, high-voltage, series, voltage regulator be made out of an LM?

That said, there are numerous circuit examples with part values, so the book can be very beneficial to just about anyone that can follow a schematic, solder a connection, and know how not to get electrocuted. Thus, they give us too littleā€”for our own good, as they see it. Additionally, you can put your trust in Mr. Even so, I have done my best to write these tutorials cook-book style so that designign a layman can follow the instructions and design a working circuit without actually knowing how it works- but it certainly helps to understand first.


Write a customer review. Just more satisfaction in the bag, amplofiers. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Tips for successful searching Try checking the spelling of words in your search Try to eliminate “noise” words, such as a, amplifisrs, the, etc Try searching by just one parameter at a time e. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. One man can only do so much!

We’re here to help. As I read the above paragraph, my mind translated it into American thus: As LM increases in conduction, the triode sees its grid voltage increase; as LM decreases, the grid voltage falls. National Semiconductor makes or used to make a high-voltage version of the LM, which can withstand 47V between its input and output pins.

Read reviews that mention power supplies power supply tube amplifiers tube amps amp builders guitar amp book on designing good book great book blencowe building amplifier merlin math audio build circuit explanations knowledge topic.

Wanted to let you know that this is simply the best PCB I have had in my hands, bar none. It may take a couple of years, however, as I am currently working on a different title. The Valve Wizard Engineering mojo since Amazon Blemcowe Cloud storage from Amazon. Thus, we must overlay two critical signal sources on top of these two pins: No one asked me this question; I was just giving myself a brain teaser. Donations gratefully received through PayPal.

Be warned, you will encounter many formulas in Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifiers, but do not worry, as only simple algebra is required. No more pesky turret board!

So I waited patiently for this book to arrive and wasn’t in any way disappointed. BookGilt is our desigjing, yet gy metasearch for antiquarian books that searches across dozens of sites worldwide. Blencowe was a Brit, not just because his first name is Merlin. More options New search.


After the first hundred pages, I felt like slapping him on the back and telling him, “Just galve it out man” and I am a rabid anglophile. I provide the information on this site free of charge, and it is up to you to exercise caution and common sense at all times to avoid electrocuting yourself, and make your amplifiers safe to use. Save your search to a want list and we’ll notify you by e-mail as soon as we locate a match.

Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers – Merlin Blencowe – Google Books

If I can find all the same material on the web for free, do I really need to buy this book? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Beginners should read the first five chapters over and over again, as they cover essential material, such as transformer selection, rectification, and filtering; particularly, the chapter on LC smoothing filters, as most tube fans know nothing about the problem of LC resonance.

Valve amplifiers invariably contain both very high voltages and high currents, capable of killing you. Showing of 19 reviews. The urge to make some snide comment on the modern educational system was almost impossible to resist, such as: Try these tips with our Advanced Search.

And before you ask your next question, no, it isn’t about power amps. Although the negative bias voltage tap is usually only found on big power transformers that were intended for use in tube power amplifiers. Eventhough you are not really required to perform drill excercises such as a regular textbook, the author makes use of concepts from calculus, vectors, electric circuits, and electromagnetism, so I agree with what the author wrote on the back cover: Now, before you ask, I do intend to update it eventually.