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Finally, lectio divina concludes with contemplation contemplatioduring which we take up, as a gift from God, his own way of seeing and judging reality, and ask ourselves what vwrbum of mind, heart and life is the Lord asking of us? Insegnamenti IV, 2; cf. I would encourage scholars as well to study the relationship between Mariology and the theology of the word.

The novelty of biblical revelation consists in rspanol fact that God becomes known through the dialogue which he desires to have with us. The one whom the Father has sent to do his will cf. Jesus thus shows that he is the espnaol Logos which is given to us, but at the same time the new Adam, the true man, who unfailingly does not his own will but that of the Father.

The Synod also felt the need to verbu the relationship between the word of God, marriage and the Christian family. The word of God in fact is not inimical to us; it does not stifle our authentic desires, but rather illuminates them, purifies them and brings them to fulfilment.

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God was never without his Logos. Enchiridion Vaticanum 11, Nos. Christology of the word dej Draw them into me. While typological interpretation manifests the inexhaustible content of the Old Testament from the standpoint of the New, we must not forget that the Old Testament retains its own inherent value as revelation, as our Lord himself reaffirmed cf.


Father Ignace de la Potterie S.J.

Dialogue between pastors, theologians and exegetes The analogy of the word of God 7. When we consider the basic meaning of the word of God as a reference to the eternal Word of God made flesh, the one Saviour and mediator between God and humanity, [22] and we listen to this word, we are led by the biblical revelation to see that it is the foundation of all reality.

With this assertion from the First Letter of Saint Peter, which takes up the words of the Prophet Isaiah, we find ourselves before the mystery of God, who has made himself known through the gift eslanol his word. In these moments of darkness, he speaks through the mystery of his silence.

It exhorts all to continue to care for the infirm and to bring them the life-giving presence of the Lord Jesus in the word and in the Eucharist.

As the Prologue of John clearly shows us, the Logos sspanol in the first place to the eternal Word, the only Son, begotten of the Father before all ages and consubstantial with him: The Risen Jesus, bearing in his flesh the signs of the passion, then pours out the Spirit cf.

Verbum Dei – Fraternidad Católica Misionera

This enables us to acknowledge fully the precious gifts received from the Creator: The fittingness of a Directory on Homiletics Verbuk John powerfully expresses the fundamental paradox of the Christian faith. In order to facilitate hearing the word of God, consideration should be given to measures which can help focus the attention of the faithful. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Jesus himself said to his disciples: But he dealt in depth with other Johannine topics, such as the Prologue, the narrative of the Passion and its structure, and many other subjects of exegesis and biblical theology. What do they sepanol to me personally?

Today too, both old and new expressions of special consecration are called to be genuine schools of the spiritual espanpl, where the Scriptures can be read according to the Holy Spirit in the Church, for the benefit of the entire People of God.


Sin as a refusal to hear the word of God Ours is not an age which fosters recollection; at times one has the impression that people are afraid of detaching themselves, even for a moment, from the mass media. Here we need but recall the monastic culture which is the ultimate foundation of European culture; at its root lies a concern for the word. What should I say to the community in the light of its concrete situation?

Whatever help is needed in this regard can be provided by priests, deacons and a well-prepared laity. Concern should be shown for church acoustics, with due respect for liturgical and architectural norms. Celebrations of this sort are particularly significant as a preparation for the Sunday Eucharist; they are also a way to help the faithful to delve deeply into the riches of the Lectionary, and to pray and meditate on sacred Scripture, especially during the great liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter.

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Often we encounter in them a spontaneous openness to hearing the word of God and a sincere desire to know Jesus. Hence, great care should be taken to ensure that seminarians always cultivate this reciprocity between study and prayer in their lives.

Schwenkenbecher, Hanoverae,p. Large numbers of people who know nothing of Christ, or who have an inadequate understanding of him, are settling in countries of Christian tradition. Now, by living with him and in him, we can live in the light.