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The feelings of the individua This is an important book to read for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. I enjoyed the poetry of each sura as much as the message.

To ask other readers questions about Muhammadplease sign up. After that the book went downhill. Histoeia the fact, it was still a great read. And Chopra’s a damn good writer, in case anyone was wondering.

I’m less than versed in the history of Islam although not so bad as the guy at Barnes and Noble who asked when it was founded and I said around I am on a personal journey to learn as much as I can about religions across the world, prlfeta this I found was very enlightening. Dec 25, Khaleel Datay rated it liked it. The view of early Islam is somewhat scary. Deepak did a great job in making the reader involved, especially in the first third of the book.

For a human to receive the responsibility of spreading a new religion!! However, the author is not Muslim and I think I would like to hear a Muslim’s perspective on Muhammad.

Firstly the book does not claim to be a work of history, rather it is a work of fiction. The first third was interesting, about Muhammad growing up an orphan and snippets of his life and personality viewed through third parties.

It was a great read.

And Lo, I swear by the afterglow of sunset, And by the mahima and all it enshrouds. Apr 12, Lindsey rated it it was ok. Sep 22, Micah rated it liked it. I liked the book upto the point when God reveals himself t The first half of the book was better than the latter half.


Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta

Refresh and try again. Islam offered a spiritual equality accepting the Islam and practicing its five pillars. I am not sure if the author was convinced himself – but Mohammad’s mission to spread Islam across the world, all the tribal wars, the justification to do the wars, becoming a strategist in warfare, convincing oneself that the actions done chkpra the direct result of God’s instructions, the slaughter and rape of woman and children This is a fiction book that revolves around a well-known historical character.

It presented views of Muhammad and his forebears through the voices of various persons in Mecca and Medina who had personal contact with them.

: Deepak Chopra – Islam / Religion: Books

Highly recommended for those who would like to know the prophet and his family up close and personal. The native religion was based on a caste system, where the rich were able to gain redemption, and the poor were left spiritually and materially bereft. I gave this book one star not because the way it was written but about the content. Novel about Islam’s historria proves surprisingly accessible and entertaining 4. I appreciated the author’s writing style as it seemed respectful of Islam, though there could have been more of a distinction between how Islam should be practiced and how it it is perceived.

This is one of those books that jumped off the library shelf, right into my path. Feb 02, Alabas0d rated it did not like it.

I liked the book upto the point when God reveals himself to Mohammad. The actual events of the Prophet’s life provide a thrilling framework fraught with conflict that propels the story forward.

I learned a great deal about Muhammad’s life and the rise of Islam.

Muhammad’s wife, Khadijah, laments there have been no warnings that this tumultuous, life-changing event is about to occur; Ali, the first convert, explains how the Prophet approached him. I read Chopra’s novel on Jesus and plan on reading the one hisforia Buddha. I like the approach he took of creating the story out of different accounts from different people around Muhammad. Mar 16, Linda rated it really liked it.


One of the most fascinating aspects of the story was the realization that Muhammad was a man like any other, not a choprx of God such as Jesus nor a transcendent human such as Buddha. I don’t know that it would be a worthy i I’m less than versed in the history of Islam although not so bad as the guy at Barnes and Noble who asked when it was founded and I said around Want to Read saving….

Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet by Deepak Chopra

Deepak can write but that’s not why I gave one star to this book. Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty-two New York Times best sellers in both fiction and non-fiction, his works have been published in more than forty-three languages. View all 3 comments. The author keeps the language simple and easy to understand, and it is this style that contributes to bringing the life of seventh century Arabia alive on the pages.

The author has made it very clear that the work is a novel. From his father Abdullah, his wet nurse the Bedouin Halimah, daughter Zaynab and several other colourful individuals like the prostitute Jasmine.

Lists with This Book. That way the picture you’ll get will be more complete. He also wrote …more “Jesus: