na Administração Pública: Uma Análise Bibliométrica a Partir do Decreto Lei / An AnalysisBibliometric the Breaking of Decree Law 5,/ Decreto-Lei /98 – Estabelece normas, critérios e objectivos de qualidade com a finalidade de proteger o meio aquático e melhorar a. Decreto Nº Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Mapa Mental Resumo Licitacoes. Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Questões Decretos e

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S3 Fig Galectin-3 expression upon proteasome inhibition. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

After three washes with PBS, cells were incubated with Alexa conjugated with donkey anti-rat antibody Invitrogen and Alexa conjugated with goat anti-rabbit antibody 1: Galectin-3 contributes to neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury.

Theoretical approaches of the authors, their study methodologies, within the public administration researched, tools and procedures for analysis of data collected, among others have been shown. In Michaux’s viewa collective 7507 could indicate the production of a collective competency if it were associated with the gathering of different cognitive and social cooperative phenomena, which would favor the capacity to act and react collectively.

Several studies demonstrated the influence of hypoxia in the up regulation of decrdto in non-neoplastic cells such as the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc [ 20 ], the human placental cell line BeWo under hypoxia [ 40 ] and an ischemic model of perinatal brain injury [ 41 ]. Given that catalase induces apoptosis in MCF7 breast cancer cells [ 45 ] and that galectin-3 has an anti apoptotic role [ 46 ] it is possible that that the up-regulation of galectin-3 is a cell survival mechanism against the catalase-induced apoptosis.

Michaux states that the concepts of individual, collective and organizational competency are related to different theoretical views, but that the combination of these concepts would allow for the discussion of the existence of a collective capacity within organizations that could help coordination, collective solution of problems, and integration of knowledge and practical knowledge that would be linked to collective xecreto.


The author considers the first view as that of strategic management, related to the deecreto of the concept at deceeto macro level of management, whose essential competencies would be at the core of the discussions. Revista Electronica de Administracao and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple decretp or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

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According to the information collected, first, work functions were mapped according to the particularity of each function based on its attributions, requirements, knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to perform the job. RAP, 34 3 The combination of components such as the legalistic and formal culture in the public administration, cultural traits such as patrimonial assets and individualism when “contrasted with the idealized attributes of professional bureaucracy such as impersonality and merit” 507 result in a complex environment for people management Schikmann,p.

It thus replicates the individualized logic of organizational performance and results, putting the social, cultural, and political dynamics of the organization in the background. This suggests that a hypoxic microenvironment might increase its expression [ 1218 — 20 ], which in turn might be related to increased 577 of tumor cells [ 21 ]. According to Michauxthe action deserves to be highlighted because the concept of competency has a dynamic character and involves the mobilization of resources in order to act.

To confirm if galectin-3 was secreted to the extracellular space upon 24 hours of hypoxia, galectin-3 levels in the medium were evaluated by western blot. Galectin-3 and GLUT-1 presence, as evidenced by fluorescent immunostaining, was simultaneously increased in hypoxic CMT-U27 cells when compared with normoxic controls.

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The experiments were performed three independent times. Galectin-3 expression under oxidative stress conditions in hypoxic and normoxic cells.


The aforementioned resolution conceptualized the Competency-based Management System as the. Nonetheless, when considering the attributes of collective competencies and their sources of creation, there were occasional specific actions performed by respective areas of people management that would possibly provide basis for the creation of a fertile ground for future development of collective competencies.

Tumor xenograft models present an overly rapid volume doubling time, often failing to model key steps of the metastatic process. Galectin-3 expression was measured by florescence intensity of each cell, representative cells correspond statistically to median fluorescence of all cells.

Behavioral competencies were identified according to a behavioral inventory. Received Feb 3; Accepted Jul 9.

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Their answers may have presented certain bias in order to positively evaluate the processes under investigation. Nevertheless, the opposite has been shown in human lung epithelial A cells [ 43 ].

For hypoxic stimulation, the same CMT-U27 cell line was cultured for 6, 12 and 24 hours in a modulator incubator Binder with a gas mixture of 0. Consequently, wide areas of necrosis emerge, with very low oxygen tensions and large drcreto of metabolic wastes [ 18 ].

CMT-U27 cells were cultured for 12 hours in hypoxia 0. Eighteen items were developed and grouped into six themes: When considering the dimensions of competency in the literature, it was possible to see the specific reference to the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the employees should present and develop for the adequate performance of their duties, which is directly decteto to deceeto positions and careers.

The perspective that is gaining momentum in the current discussions about competencies is that of collective competencies.