IMPORTANTE Las personas mayores de 60 años están exoneradas del pago del Boleto de Ornato (Decreto , Artículo 30) Si pub anche dire che il Decreto è una interpretazione autentica del diritto naturale * Ibid., pp. * Ibid., pp. Ibid., p. * Ibid., pp. Management: Biodiversity Act (No 10/) Articles 1, 80– Regulations under Law , adopted by Decreto Supremo No PCM.

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Institutional Framework Database for Social Policy. Home Countries Dimensions Legal and regulatory dimension Organizational dimension Technical and Operational dimension Financing dimension Population Segments Population segments by life cycle Children and adolescents New. Legal and regulatory dimension.

Adherence, signing, and ratification of covenants, conventions, and agreements related to economic, social, and cultural rights. In this Convention a broad classification of persons with disabilities are considered, and it reaffirms that all people with all kinds of disabilities should be able to enjoy all their fundamental human rights and liberties.


It defines acts that constitute discrimination against women and describes the nature of State obligations through laws, public policy, and programs that the State should develop to eliminate discrimination. Constitutional Mention of Sectoral Topics. Derecho a la salud. En Guatemala todos los seres humanos son libres e iguales en dignidad y derechos.

El hombre y la mujer, cualquiera que sea su estado civil, tienen iguales oportunidades y responsabilidades. Country Guatemala Main authority Ministry of Social Development Year decrero creation Mission Manage public policies aimed at improving the level of well-being of vulnerable individuals and social groups who suffer exclusion and who live in poverty or extreme poverty. Incumbent Carlos Velasquez Monge.

Perfíl de la institucionalidad social de Guatemala

Institutions protecting certain population segments. Official information not available. Management, planning, evaluation, and transparency tools for social programmes. Subscription Get updates by email Subscribe.

International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racism. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women. Year of Latest Observed Constitution. Afrodecendants and Indigenous Peoples. Afrodescendants and Indigenous Peoples. Ministry of Ddcreto Development.

Manage public policies aimed at xecreto the level of well-being of vulnerable individuals and social groups who suffer exclusion and who live in poverty or extreme poverty. Unique Registry of Participants.

Ley de protección para las personas de tercera edad y su reglamento

Sectoral Plan for Social Development. Transparence – system for accessing public information from the State. Integrated Social Information System.

Evaluation mechanisms for social programs.