Teodoro Gaza e il De senectute di Cicerone, «GIF» 20, , pp. Giovanni Salanitro. Uploaded by. Giovanni Salanitro. Download with Google. This webpage reproduces an English translation of the. Cato Maior De Senectute by. Cicero published in the Loeb Classical Library, The de Senectute is a practical, no‑nonsense little book that systematically tackles the question of our attitudes towards aging; and near the end.

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He may not be doing what younger members of the crew are doing, but what he does is better and much more important.

Nihil necesse est mihi de me ipso dicere, cicerine est id quidem senile aetatique nostrae conceditur. Iure igitur gravis, cuius de laudibus omnium esset fama consentiens.

Quinctio Cincinnato nuntiatum est eum dictatorem esse factum; cuius dictatoris iussu magister equitum C.

For each of these reasons Cato develops refutations. Paulus, pater ciceroje, socer optimi viri, fili mei? Cyrus the Younger, a Persian prince, eminent for his intelligence and the glory of his rule, was visited at Sardis by Lysander the Spartan, a man of the highest virtue, who brought presents from the allies.

For as Nature has marked the bounds of everything else, so she has marked the bounds of life.

Poteratne tantus animus efficere non iucundam senctutem? For old men of self-control, who are neither churlish nor ungracious, find old age endurable; while on the other hand perversity and an unkindly disposition render irksome every period of life.

Thus, so much space of time as by our forefathers’ reckoning marked the beginning of old age, just that space was seenectute course of his public honours; b and the last period of his life was happier than the middle span, because his influence was greater and his labours were less.

Hoc enim onere, quod mihi commune tecum est, aut iam urgentis aut certe adventantis senectutis et te et me etiam ipsum levari volo; etsi te quidem id modice ac sapienter, sicut omnia, et ferre et laturum esse certo scio.

Ceteri senes, Fabricii, Curii, Coruncanii, cum rem publicam consilio et auctoritate defendebant, nihil agebant? Yet he is in better case than the young man, since what the latter merely hopes for, the former has already attained; the one wishes to live long, the other has lived long.


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Qua quid potest esse cum fructu laetius, tum aspectu pulchrius? Although this interest of theirs is less remarkable in the senectyte of annual crops, — for no one is so old as to think that he cannot live one more year — yet these same men labour at things which they know will not profit them in the least. Sunt extrema quaedam studia senectutis: Nay, even youth, much more than old age, is subject to the accident of death; the young fall sick more easily, their sufferings are more intense, and they are cured with greater difficulty.

Quia profecto videtis nefas esse dictu miseram fuisse talem senectutem. The funeral oration delivered by him on that occasion is in general circulation, and, when we read it, what philosopher does not appear contemptible?

Cicero on Old Age

Nor was it merely in public and under the gaze of his fellow-citizens that he was great, but he was greater still in the privacy of his home. Quid enim stultius quam incerta ciceroe certis habere, falsa pro veris?

Quod ni ita fuisset, alterum illud exstitisset lumen civitatis; ad paternam enim magnitudinem animi doctrina uberior accesserat. Fabi, Tarentum recepisti,’ ‘Certe,’ inquit ridens, ‘nam nisi tu amisisses numquam recepissem. Mihi quidem numquam persuaderi potuit animos, dum in corporibus essent mortalibus, vivere, cum excessissent ex eis, emori, nec vero tum animum esse insipientem, cum ex insipienti corpore evasisset, ciceronee cum omni admixtione corporis liberatus purus et integer esse coepisset, tum esse sapientem.

And what of those who even go on adding to their store of knowledge? Cicerone Cato maior de Just as waywardness and lust are more often found in the swnectute man than in the old, yet not in all who are young, but only in those naturally base; so that senile debility, usually se “dotage,” is a characteristic, not of all old men, but only of those who are weak in mind and will.


Right from the beginning Cato asserts senecgute complaining about old age is foolish because it depends on nature and man cannot naturae repugnare Cato 5. Though quite old he waged war like a young man, and by his patient endurance checked the boyish impetuosity of Hannibal.

Such strength as a man has he should use, and whatever he does should be done in proportion to his strength.

LacusCurtius • Cicero — De Senectute

And indeed, if you care to read or hear foreign history, you will find that the greatest states have been overthrown by the young and sustained and restored by the old.

Haec enim ipsa sunt honorabilia quae videntur levia atque communia, salutari, adpeti, decedi, adsurgi, deduci, reduci, consuli; quae et apud nos et in aliis civitatibus, ut quaeque optime morata est, ita diligentissime observantur. Credo, nisi eam exerceas, aut etiam si sis natura tardior. It takes the scattered grain of wheat within its soft, upturned breast, hides it from sight at first — it is hidden by harrowing, 48 derived from a word meaning “to hide” — then, having warmed it with the heat of its embrace, expands it and from it brings forth a verdant blade, which, supported by fibrous roots, and maturing by degrees, stands erect upon its jointed stalk, enfolded in a sheath, when now, so to speak, it has arrived at man’s estate; and, when it has emerged from the sheath, the ear comes to view with its grain in ordered rows and protected by a sencetute of spikes against the cicrone of the smaller birds.

Cicerone Cato maior de senectute by Marco Tullio Cicerone (eBook) – Lulu

What a multitude of things they remember! Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. He is comparing his old age to that of a brave and victorious horse.

Ergo plusque magisque viri nunc gloria claret.