The task at hand this time was to follow up one of the most successful d20 releases of all time,. Traps & Treachery. In some ways it was easy, the formula for . Traps & Treachery Fantasy Flight Games is no stranger to the hobby game industry. paper, similar to the pages at the beginning of the D&D 3e PHB and DMG. traps & treachery ii – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. D20 DnD Unofficial the Quintessential Rogue II. Uploaded.

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Chapter 5 – Puzzles: The first 15 pages or so are largely exposition, and focus primarily on how the traditional pursuit of rogues–thievery–is conducted. Finally, the chapter includes new magic items and spells, again primarily targeted towards larcenous characters.

Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. If I have any complaint is that the font size seems znd bit large. The “Thug” class is a great example of this. Next is some new equipment. A nice set of trap construction rules. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

Traps and Treachery II

Telling me how corruption and banditry work is just insulting. This book answers that question.

I will not give many details since many of the above reviewers of this book descibe it very well 1 Way of the Rogue: It is probably the perfect example of what a prestige class should be — an opportunity for the character to specialize in one area at the cost of others. Join Date Jan Posts I’m afraid the book’s a bit short with the treachery part, an’ what’s there is If you do your original reviews in a word processor, you might want to turn off features like matching quotes, or post-edit your review to get all of the funky codes out of it.


Be aware you’re only getting about pages of actual material, and a fair amount of this is art and diagrams though at pages, the price per page is still only 16 cents which isn’t bad.

If you like Grimtooth, et al, you’ll love this although, you’ve also actually seen most of these already, in one form or another. A section on new clerical domains, such as Thievery, and new divine and arcane spells, such as true filch and perfect crime.

I’ll give it a 3 star, though it might deserve a 4. The main fault of this book is that it seems very padded. They largely do not presuppose too advanced spell casting for their setup although there are exceptions and are thus very good for those types of dungeons that are part of a temple or wizards abode. Why couldn’t they have given me some more crunchy bits, like how the size of guilds varies with city size, how many guilds are viable in a given population center, what is the range of income a given sized guild can expect, what are the levels of the guild’s members, It is very sparse written, it is not pages what you get much more less.

It is in large part a book for the erstwhile DM to present the rogue PCs with challenges.

Traps and Treachery – D&D Wiki

It then lists some common poisons with stats e. They are pretty neat, and I really stink at concocting puzzles. Several of the feats are nothing that you couldn’t come up with yourself, particularly where they have added together two vaguely related skills e.

There is also a new NPC class, the thug. Good stuff, though they don’t entice me to purchase the book they’re previewing.

Out of Print Format: A whole slew of traps, puzzles and so on that harken me back to the days of Grimtooth. My particular favorite is Casing Sense, which helps a rogue quickly recognize the most valuable items in a room. Nine new magical toxins are given draught of wounding, enfeebling sting, ghastly mist, paste of pestilence, powder of paralysis, seasoning of shrinking, tasha’s hideous laughing venom, touch of the unholy, and will-breaker.


The puzzles section was good, but It is attractive, reasonably price, and has solid content. I knew with a name like “Traps and Trechery” that I’d be gettin’ a book about traps. This review contains major spoilers. Spell level x caster level x some factor, see DMG. Till then it looks imminently playabe and even more usefull as an NPC class. It starts the obligatory info on playing thieves and on their role in the world.

The traps section was very interesting.

Traps and Treachery

But I suppose this is a sorta “errata”-type mistake, and easy enough to fix. The text is well-written and concise. Their initial entries were a number of mini adventures targeted at the D20 System fantasy i. The arkitek yeah is an evil outsider that can be summoned as a sort of “trap consultant.


And the much vaunted “d20 stat blocks for thieves guilds” is a huge waste. New prestige classes, including the trapmaster, roofrunner, and discreet companion. Most of the traps are very original and some are downright lethal.

A section on trap design and classification that organizes treachedy streamlines the process of designing new traps and integrating them into your adventures.

About 14 cents per page Format: There are many ways to measure such a thing. I have to admit I bought this book on a whim. This section also lists new poisons, including supernatural ones.

The chapter ends with a new monster, the Arkitek, an evil outsider with skills in crafting traps and poison use.