1.) Define DB2. DB2 is a Database Management System for the MVS Operating System where, DB2 is a subsystem of MVS Operating System. A.6 I had DB2 V on Windows after which I uninstalled it and then. IBM DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers. Mainframe DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions, FAQs. What is online reorg/offline?.

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If Solaris Cluster, ask relevant questions. No Have you worked in portioned db? What is lock contention? However, problems can happen such as, lost updates access to unrepeatable reads and uncommitted data. What are the levels of isolation available with DB2V4? This is the table that contains information on the links that exists between the tables created through referential constraints. What are the 4 environments which can access DB2?

Interview Questions: db2 udb dbA Interview Qustions

What is a DB2 access path? What are the db cfg parms which affect the back up strategy? What is the function of buffer manager? What is a collection? Whats onterview difference between Load and import? What is meant by concurrency?


If not, then what is the point of using it? What is the picture clause of the null indicator variable? What are simple, segmented and partitioned table spaces?

For standard maintenance how would you use runstats and reorgs? DBRMs form inputs that are helpful in the binding process. What Utility is used to migrate DB2 from one release queetions the next? How do you filter out the rows retrieved from a DB2 table? What is an alias and how does it differ from a synonym?

What is isolation level? The reason for the same is that the pre-compiler never refers intervew the catalogue tables of DB2. How could one combine a set of incremental image copies into a single copy? Have you been part of design?

What happens to a tablespace when its recovery information has been removed and a full recovery is no longer possible? What is a page? How do we control or influence the allocation of these memory sets? What kind of maintenance needs to be done with logs?

In an SQL table that is embedded, what is the procedure to retrieve rows that are part of a Questikns table? Suppose I have a program which uses a dynamic SQL and it has been performing What is a recovery log? Both online and offline are there, online reorg allows other transaction to access the dh2.

  GA X46-033 PDF

DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers

What is a cursor and what is its function? Table DB snap shop, Application snapshot,sql snap shoptcpu utilization using top, check is there any stale connection connections that very old.

What is the cascade rule and how does it relate to questins made with a subselect? What is meant by repeatable read? Windows Which Windows utilities would you use to do your job?

What are the differences between offline and online backup? Load is faster than import, import is like bulk insert, every thing goes to the transaction log. Cursor stability is the property that tells the DB2 that the values of database that are read by making use of this application gets protected while the queetions is used.

What is the difference between Where and Having Clause?