Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt. Txting: The gr8 db8. By: David Crystal. Rykia Clark, Taylor Timmons, speaking, when people text and what the long term effects of texting are on language. Txtng: The gr8 db8. By David Crystal. Oxford: Oxford University Press,. ISBN $ Reviewed by Naomi S. Baron, American University.

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Sep 18, Amy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: However, I am not beyond ever condescending to dwvid new texting abbreviations, and would occasionally pepper my chats with LOL, ROTFL, and of course ‘, nor would I begrudge my interlocutors when they do the same. Good for its date of writing or so but dated now. Does texting spell the end of western civilization?

Whatever literacy problems there are among our young and there are such mobile phones are not the cause. To those who are pedantic about grammar and adhering to strict rules, this book shifts your paradigm.

Feb 24, Deb rated it liked it. Don’t let that “the gr8 db8” subtitle fool you – there’s very little in the way of debate in these pages Crystal declares text messaging to be a good thing at the end of Chapter 1. Even if the data were rock solid and reflected the analysis of much larger study groups, I question some of the author’s conclusions, especially since he seemingly made up his mind early on that text messaging’s positives outweigh its negatives.

In txttng, a study at Coventry University found that students who used more abbreviations when writing text messages actually scored higher on reading and vocabulary.

How weird is texting? Entertaining enough, did not rock my world.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8

Jun 05, Casey rated it it was ok. It is, she explains, chiefly for the benefit of Microsoft Word and Outlook Express users: Some students have a hard time communicating face to face so texting allows for a less-stressful situation for these types of students. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


But well written and interesting. David Crystal is honorary professor of linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor. We seem to have a problem.

‘Gr8 Db8’ Defends The Linguistics Of Texting

Indeed texting is so widespread that many parents, teachers, and media pundits have been outspoken in their criticism of it. And the best way to understand texting is this: I think million Facebook users played a small role. Dec 05, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 18, Susan rated it liked it.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. One chapter also gives a limited discussion of texting in other languages. But the author really didn’t have anything profound to say, and the book published in already seems dated.

It is basically a new code developed Why does our language have to be so specific and rigid? In this humorous, level-headed and insightful book, David Crystal argues that the panic over texting is misplaced.

As ever, Crystal is interesting and insightful to read, and this book is fairly accessible, even to those outside the field. It isn’t just the USA that is panicking. What do they text about? Your text buoys me above oil-rainbow puddles like a paper boat, so that even soaked to the skin I am grinning.

Given the lucrative nature of the business, a slowdown is inconceivable. With the continued rise of social networking platforms that blur the distinction between text messages, online chat, and blogging, and with the move away from mobile phones with numeric keypads in favour of smartphones and tablets with touchscreens, the character text message may not be around in its current form for ever. The author also insists that there is no proof that texting has hurt classroom literacy rates.

If the information in these reports cannot be supported by evidence, I dafid see how you can debate it. Want to Read saving…. It is even possible to send longer messages, using a system called ‘concatenated SMS’, which breaks a long message down into smaller chunks, sending them in sequence, though not all wireless devices support it.

The surprising thing, for such a global phenomenon, db88 that so little reliable information about the language of texting has become public knowledge. Once the abbreviations were being sent via cell phones or over the Internet, people began to question its effects.


So I decided to pick up this book and learn more about texting from a professional linguist, someone who has invested a great deal of time to study texting habits and put it in a perspective of language use and development in general.

Otherwise, Crystal simply points out the antecedents of text messaging. Teenage texters are not ruining the English language nor are they turning into illiterate vandals with thumb problems.

A pretty great summary and observational guide to The Texting Phenomenon. Back d8b when internet chatrooms were fairly new, an asocial geek in my honors English class wrote ddavid paper on the validity of an exciting new type of language that was cropping txtg in chatrooms where people were regularly using abbreviated phrases like LOL laugh out loudROFL rolling on floor laughingand TTFN ta ta for now.

‘Gr8 Db8’ Defends The Linguistics Of Texting : NPR

If you ever have to come across texting in your daily life and who doesn’t these daysand whatever your attitude to texting may be, you could benefit from reading this interesting little book. He has written or edited over books and published numerous articles for scholarly, professional, and general readerships, in fields ranging from forensic linguistics and ELT to the liturgy and Shakespeare.

And far from hindering children’s literacy, texting turns out to help it. This book cannot accurately tell one about the current state of texting – he talks about phones with the keypad, and does not discuss the effects of modern As ever, Crystal is interesting and insightful to read, and this book is fairly accessible, even to those outside the field.

The gr8 db8, David Crystal examines some ways that text talking actually enhances literacy skills rather than promoting a decline. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Does texting spell the end of western civilization?

Having spent four years working at a helpdesk, I pretty much hate telephones; many is the time I’ve cursed the name of Alexander Graham Bell over the cgystal.