Buy Das Wochenende by Bernhard Schlink (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Das Wochenende examines how their feelings have changed in the interval. It debates Bernhard Schlink was born in in Bielefeld, Germany. A lawyer, he. How do we like our terrorists now? Can a man with four murders to his credit, pardoned by the German state and released from prison after

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Not sure, but I was skimming over it by page Finally, at the rural old house. Similarly, Homecoming takes up the story of a young boy sent to stay for the summer with his grandparents in Switzerland, where he comes across proofs of an old novel describing a soldier coming home from the war. Published first published January 1st schlknk Margarete and Christiane are happy seeing them, coordinating the moves. Een deel van de personages, en zeker de persoon om wie het allemaal draait, komen niet goed uit de verf, waardoor deze personages eerder irritatie oproepen dan dat je er begrip voor krijgt.

Now, with several decades behind them, they have accepted heartbreaking reality to bernhar degrees.

It is also a psychological examination of the neuroses, passions and fears of its characters. The house, fairly obviously, is part of a process of gentrification, of rich Westies moving east and doing it up, and poor Osties relegated to non-speaking roles.


About protests and idealism he said: He had been in love with Christine,years ago I skimmed the last 50 pages wondering if anything would happen that could possibly make me stop and read it closely.

Book review: Bernhard Schlink’s “Das Wochenende” and “Die Frau auf der Treppe”

Andreas about his first lawsuit. Margerete and Henner are lovers, now.

I don’t know if the problem is in the translation, but in parts of bbernhard book it’s hard to figure who’s doing the talking. Some critics were able to overlook this unusual format — a continuous succession of conversations — in favor of his astute exploration of the character and collective struggle of a country still mired in the horrors of its past.

This will be the sort of book that will have to be experienced by the individual before wochenrnde can be cast!

Schlink, Bernhard | New Books in German, Das Wochenende (The Weekend), Author, Rights

The novel follows the visitors over the course of a three day weekend, from arrival in ones and twos, through their individual recollections and group discussions, to their departure. Gerhard Richter painted his descending woman to make a statement.

The model married to the man who paid for the painting, to him, to its creator?

The basic plot of Das Wochenende is exciting, its subject matter timely, and its treatment assured. And I just love Schlink’s writing style. What would differentiate them?


Das Wochenende (detebe)

The idea behind the novel is so very good but I feel Schlink failed to deliver it with the proper gravitas and depth the subject deserved. Benrhard for telling us about the problem. All in all, the book was a good read. Daardoor kan ik er schlibk meer van 2,5 sterren voor geven, afgerond naar beneden 2, want deze schrijver k Het idee voor het verhaal is goed en het zou heel interessant leesvoer op kunnen leveren, maar de uitwerking is halfslachtig en oppervlakkig.

It’s been almost 30 years and she recalls: Most journey to a greater understanding of each other or at least themselves and their own motives. What do the girl’s parents do?

Friends meet and talk. More than twenty years in prison…charged with terrorism! Bernhard Schlink seems to state that art and books are not dead either. Ilse has concluded her thriller. The thought-provoking aspects of this book, especially about guilt for past actions in this case, what we would probably call domestic terrorismwere interesting.