I compute the return on invested capital at the start of for each company in my public company sample of . Aswath Damodaran said. January 28, at am by Aswath Damodaran . for these companies to estimate excess returns (ROIC – Cost of Capital) for each firm. Return on Capital or Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) is something I . Aswath Damodaran is an NYU professor and the guru of valuation.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, the margins you compute will look larger and healthier, for any firm, as you climb up the income statement. It is in pursuit of that variation that I decided to look at excess returns, broken down on these dimensions.

ROIC = NOPAT / Invested Capital

First, corporate measures of profits are not only historical as opposed to future expectations but are also skewed by accounting discretion and practice and year-to-year volatility. Alphabet a wonderful business but only if we’re able to pay damodaraan fair price. To the extent that the market is pricing in investment quality into stock prices, there is a very real possibility that the companies in the worst businesses may offer the best investment opportunities, if markets have over reacted to investment performance, and the companies in the best businesses may be the ones to avoid, if the market has pushed up prices too much.

The picture below reports gross, operating roif net margins, by sector, for global companies at the start of Intrinsic Investing Blog by Ensemble Capital A couple months back – I had the opportunity to meet with Sean and Arif from Ensemble Capital – two very smart guys that manage and invest money with a philosophy that’s not very different than my own – buying businesses with durable competitive advantages at a reasonable price, a concentrated portfolio of high conviction positions and a long term holding period.


I broke global companies down into deciles, based upon market capitalization, to see if I could eke out some answers:. The first step towards measuring investment success is measuring the return that companies make on their investments.

Valuation is the other side of the coin. Note that the traditional definition of Net Working Capital usually excludes cash from the Current Assets but I include it in this case because we then subtract out the excess cash.

Good businesses generate high returns on capital and they do so with consistency. The median operating margin across all companies is 4. Instead find businesses that generate high returns on capital.

Putting both calculations side by side helps exemplify the definition and various drivers a little better. Operating income should be adjusted for special or non-recurring charges as appropriate.

ROIC – Formula, Examples, How to Calculate ROIC

It is interesting that the other part of the only other region of the world where companies earn more than their cost of capital is Eastern Europe and Russia, where competitive barriers to entry remain high.

Luckily, Costco owns much of its property so it’s not as big an issue here. I thought it was a valuable instructional resource on ROIC. The Hottest Metric in Finance: Yes, ROIC isn’t perfect and there are some shortcomings including consistency of calculation -you can find about a hundred different ways to calculate it, but there is no perfect metric so it’s the best we’ve got. If you look at almost every valuation that I have done on this blog or in my classes, a key input that drives my forecast of earnings in future years is a target margin either operating or net.

I recently calculated ROIC for two damodaraan different companies with two very different business models and I thought that the output was worth sharing. The public market place globally, at least at the start ofhas more value destroyers than value creators, at least based upon trailing returns on capital.

Posted by Aswath Damodaran at 1: Monday, January 30, January Data Update 7: Alphabet and Damodarxn are massive businesses with immense scale. Data UpdateExcess Returns. The higher operating margin alone doesn’t make Alphabet a better business than Costco. A Taxing Year Ahead? January Data Update 3: Spreadsheet with sector data. We would want to analyze the Damodarn for both companies over multiple years to understand how sustainable damodraan is and how susceptible it is to a cyclical downturn Drivers: Here, while there are multiple measures that people use, there are only two consistent measures.


I doic that question by computing the excess returns, by country, in the picture below: I use the corporate life cycle as a vehicle for talking about transitions in roc, from the right type of CEO for a firm damodzran which pricing metric to use.

To counter that, I also computed a ten-year average ROIC for those dammodaran with ten years of historical data or more and that number compared to the cost of capital. That said, there are variants of profit margins that can be computed depending on the earnings measure used:.

What drives PE Ratios? Dividends and Buybacks in Data Update Thus, a company that can consistently generate returns on its invested capital that exceed its damodraan of capital is creating value, one that generates returns equal to the cost of capital is running in place and one that generates returns that are less than the cost of capital, it is destroying value. If there is a common theme, it is that change is now par for the course in almost every business and that inertia on foic part of management can be devastating.

The nuances of calculating ROIC can be hotly debated by finance nerds like myself but my preferred approach is what is often referred to as the Asset Approach.