Czasowniki frazowe z przykładami użycia z książki Longman Repetytorium Maturalne poziom podstawowy. Matura Wydawnictwo Pearson. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni czasownik frazowy. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni przyimek bądź partykułę tak, by uzyskać pasujący do kontekstu czasownik frazowy.

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She’s been buzzing around trying to find the book.

Tommy blew out the candles when everyone was singing “Happy Birthday”. Leonardo Da Vinci – Ciekawostki komentarze: Some aspects of the story didn’t add up. Wanna come with us? Susan bailed out on me when I needed her.

Get off with – Have casual sex with Get on – Continue doing something – Enter a bus, train, plane, etc. Account for – To explain or justify: He blasted me for coming late for work.


Test z angielskiego: Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe cz. 2

Is Mike out or still in czaeowniki office? Blow out – Extinguish candles, matches: Buy off – Pay someone to stop them causing trouble; They wanted to buy her off so that she doesn’t make any trouble. She blurted out all our secrets. They are bubbling over with excitement. Ostatnio na forum hello tireks, dzisiaj o They are away for two days.

Bad weather accounted for the heavy traffice. Everyone in the room needs one of these information sheets. When the snake got closer he quickly backed away. Frwzowe angielskiego Czasowniki frazowe P. He is angling for your heart.

Susan is down with flu. The man was blown down by the wind. He was beat up by a bunch of hooligans. I would like to ask our neighbours over tonight. He bailed out of the plane when it was about to crush.

Longman Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe

Please, stop writing and put away your pens. Mary bloked in the shade of the city. This information may bear on the case. The radio blared out an awful punk music. The test is tomorrow. I bend over backwards for you and you don’t appricate it.


It picked him czasownikki enough to finish his work. Ta funkcja wymaga zalogowania. I bent down to tie my shoe. Students shouldn’t answer back when reprimanded.

The whole office was buzzing with rumours about their affair.