Cyburg Needle Bausatz – The Needle is a compact floorstanding speaker using the Tang Band W driver. The original driver has been improved by bpa. You just can’t say it loud enough: the creations known as “Needles” have long ago become synonymous in the DIY world with the trick of. breitbandlautsprecher tangband selfmade lautsprecherselbstbau.

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Without cookies the range of the online shop’s functionality is limited. The front strip and the top rear strip came together at the cyburfs.

Cyburg Needle Bausatz

Back to top Back cybuegs the overview. Cabinet plan Needle-cabinet assembly plan as a Sketchup-file Cross over. When we measured the small wide-range speakers from Dayton Audio, we thought of the Needle right away. That also applied to most of the chassis elements we tried in the Needle cabinet.

At the end of the duct is also a bass reflex tube, i. A little put forward and somewhat closer to one another the Cyburgs displayed a well staggered stage and reproduced a more relaxed sound than the merciless Viech. At first, positioned next to the Viech it became quickly evident that the stereo triangle had sides that were clearly too long. A day later he sent us an email: The cross-section increases at the open end by a factor of two to three.


Needle W 1 5 5 1. Unlike the TLs, the channel ends in an outlet with about half the area of the membrane.

Our kit contains:

Our Speaker kits contain: A stable die-cast basket with six screw holes and narrow bars, ventilation and phase plugs drilled from solid material are the shared characteristics of the shielded eight-ohm RS S-8 and its four-ohm counterpart, the RS without a shield.

Their function is limited to cybuggs out needle volume increase caused by reflections on the baffle board by way of a controlled increase in resistance. Would they work well enough here, too?

We cut a Sonofil mat into three strips, 10 cm wide. Here we had to make a moderate intervention, particularly including the area around 3 kHz in the reduction. Cyburgw Needle Bausatz Product number: However, from a certain volume onwards the Cyburg had to call it a day. Please verify that you are human by klicking the box next to this.

Having gotten a taste for this little experiment, we continued to test our customers. If you want to build the Needle by yourself you can by the assembling kit here. His incredulous face had a bit of the embarrassed look that one always has at being caught out, when we showed him where the cables were connected. Intertechnik, Kerpen 16, 19, 22 neele 25 mm MDF: The TQWT duct’s diameter, however, is increasing towards the outside. The Tangband Needle, at first without the wave trap, followed a similar route – more pleasant the Viechwith impressive three-dimensionality, excellent attention to detail and smooth tops.


All of these fortunate circumstances coming together made for an incredible box at a small price.

LeCanards Needle by lecanard. The conductor line can be constructed as a tall pillar or with a bend in the middle. Compared with the price for a pair of Cyburgs sound cyyburgs was excellent and beating anything else that may be purchased for the same amount. This plan is available with the friendly permission of Berndt Burghard. The Needle ctburgs very neutral and can play down to below 50 Hz allowing to get by without a subwoofer most of the time.

The original driver has been improved by bpa and manufactured according to our specifications by Tang Band.

Cyburg Needle Bausatz | DIY

But considering size the Needle showed an astonishing volume paired with excellent clarity. We let the Visaton version without wave trap go first. Our visitors were convinced that they were listening to large boxes, and they were far from complaining about any missing bass.

You want to build this kit as well?