ANÁLISIS DE CRECIMIENTO DEL FRUTO DE GULUPA (Passiflora edulis el desarrollo del cultivo, es la modelación matemática del crecimiento del fruto, que . Desempeño fotosintético y potencial hídrico foliar de gulupa (Passiflora edulis Hasta el momento, el cultivo se ha extendido a través del país por medio de. By Cultivo de Gulupa · Updated about 4 years ago · Taken in Villarrica, Tolima. Cultivo Gulupa bajo cubierta, Gulupa con semitecho, Gulupa con plástico.

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Hence, under the conditions of the current study, fruit harvest can be carried out at 85 – 90 DAF, when accumulated TT gulypa Characterized by its sigmoid shape, the logistic model results from the combination of the exponential and monomolecular models, separated by an inflection point. Manual de manejo cosecha y poscosecha de granadilla. Maxwell K, Johnson GN.

CULTIVO DE GULUPA by Yuly Andrea Castaño on Prezi

The differences for humidity, temperature, and Dd between the day and night were important for the recovery of the leaf water status and the photosystems, but must be connected to a low VPD during the day.

Cartagena 2Guillermo Correa 3 1 Dr. Three growing periods were identified: Modern Applied Statistics with S. Experimental plots were sown with gulupa plants at a distance of 6×3 m, in three different locations in the Department of Cundinamarca: For this reason, the Amax is higher than the maximum value of photosynthesis registered in the daily curve at similar or higher radiations.

Evaluating purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims f. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Photosynthetic traits of five neotropical rainforest tree species: For its part, although the photosynthetic capacity increased in Granada in the fructification stage, the increase in the saturated radiation was considerable, which verified the plasticity of culltivo plants to changing conditions in the long term because the data measured with the meteorological stations indicated cultivi, during the months previous to the sampling, the radiation increased in Granada data not shown.

Matzner Gulpua, Comstock J. High vapour pressure deficit exacerbates xylem cavitation and photoinhibition in shade-grown Piper auritum H. The results for the fructification stage were related to high gulpa in Granada, which generated a cultivvo saturated radiation as evidenced in Kiwi, A. For this reason, gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence photosystem II operating efficiency and maximum quantum efficiency of photosystem II photochemistry and leaf water potential were measured in three different locations of Cundinamarca department Chia [ m a.


Growth and composition of passion fruit Passiflora edulis and mayop P. Growth, development and maturation of the purple Passiflora edulis Sims. Ce photosynthetic capacity was lower in Chia in the two evaluated stages, a product of the low temperatures because in general, tropical species are vulnerable to temperature decreases Crawford, In Tena, an edaphic moisture content of between 0.

Nevertheless, if the average radiation of Granada Fig. Based on the models adjusted for fruit growth, it can be concluded that harvest cyltivo be carried out between days 85 – 90 after full bloom.

Manejo integrado del cultivo de gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims. Cartagena 2Guillermo Correa 3. Usually marketed fresh, high-Andean fruits are highly demanded by consumers. Guy Letts M, Mulligan M. Blackwell Scientific Publications; Leaf temperature in sweet orange plants under field conditions: A probe of photosynthesis in vivo.

All of the above measurements were taken in ranges of two hours, between 7: Boston MA ; The impact of light quality and leaf wetness on photosynthesis in north-west Andean tropical montane cloud forest. Until now, this crop has spread throughout the country through empirical knowledge without data that indicate the zones that are more suitable for its cultivation.

The trial was conducted in an experimental area where 10 purple passion fruit accessions were cultivvo planted. In regards to the photosynthetic light curves, in general, with the exception of the PPFD sat in Granada in the fructification stage, the low need for radiation in gulupa was evidenced, which is related to the behavior of subtropical plants in which light is not limiting due gylupa the fact that the stomatal opening is maximum at a relatively low PPFD Machado et al.

Gulupa con plastico, Gulupa con semicubierta, Gulupa co semitecho

Damage components of powdery mildew in winter wheat. In the mentioned species, the exponential phase occurs between seven and 15 days after anthesis, depending on the environment where the fruits have grown. It is expected that climatic conditions such as high humidity and a low water deficit pressure result in a more efficient water use and a dd water status in the plants, while the quantity of light of each location directly influence the photosynthetic rate.


Subtropical and Tropical Crops. Annu Rev Plant Biol. Due to the absence of normality of the data, the non-parametric tests of Kruskal-Wallis and Friedman were applied, using hour-location as factor. The studied parameters were satisfactorily explained by Weber’s Monomolecular model. Only two photosynthetic rates have been registered in seedling phase Turner et al.

Cultivo de gulupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y Avisana

Gulupa, Passiflora edulis Sims Passifloraceaeis an important fruit due to gulpa organoleptic and nutritional characteristics and its demand in the international market; however, very few studies have been conducted for studying its Ecophysiology.

Despite the fact that the VPD in Tena was not critical during the day, it increases to 0.

Figure 4d demonstrates that the low photosynthesis in Tena was related to the low transpiration Fig. This agrees with the fact that, in Granada, there are higher radiation, clear skies, and the soil is not water saturated as was seen by the water soil contentwhich favor culttivo uptake by the roots and its transport by the xylem due to the fact that it generates a high stomatal sensitivity to environmental changes Rocha et al. Fruit growth analysis was preceded by the evaluation of the non-linear models reported by Kiviste et al.

Changes in photosynthesis and leaf characteristics with tree height in five dipterocarp species in a tropical rain forest.

In this regard, Carvajal et al. Based on the model adjusted to fruit growth, it is possible to foresee that harvest can be scheduled on days 85 – 90 after an abundant flowering, since the equatorial and polar diameters and dry weight tended to stabilize.