More than 20 species of Pleurotus are reponed cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus started in cultivare Pleurotus in small mushroom farms. velutipes (Curtis) (); Pleurotus velutipes (Curtis) Quél. 3 Valorificare; 4 Cultivare; 5 Legături externe; 6 Note; 7 Bibiliografie; 8 Legături externe. Pleurotus cornucopiae (Jean-Jacques Paulet, ex Léon Louis Rolland, ), din încrengătura Conținut nutritiv; Preparare; Cultivare.

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These results were not directly correlated with previous results Thawthong et al.

Noi tehnologii de cultivare a ciupercilor Shiitake și Pleurotus | Agro TV | Shiitake | Pinterest

The beech sawdust used in substrate making comes from wood workshops from Berceni town, Prahova County, Romania. Standard formula supplemented with mL pumpkin seed shells; SPe2: These aspects were directly related to productivity and biological efficiency.

The effect of interaction intensified from the arable land to the fallow and it was especially significant in the 0—25 cm layer. The minimum was registered for SPe3 substrate with value of 2.

It is found in spontaneous flora but little known. The abilities of oyster mushroom to grow on the plant residues from branch of perfume industry and to demonstrate possibilities of obtaining different fungal products can be used as energoeconomical and ecotechnological methods of processing of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Although, it favored the fructification, it couldn’t sustain a proper productivity that led to a scanty spawn maturation. The substrate formula influenced directly the spawn running time Table 1. After perfect mixing, the substrate is transferred into a polypropylene bag, provided with microfilter 0. Agarikon Press, Olympia, Washington. The pure culture has been used to obtain spawn on sterilized wheat, in glass jars of mL volume, provided with sterile air filter Vamanu, The number of mushrooms that exceeded g was minimum 4 for SPe2 and SPe3 in this case cultjvare that there pleurogus a large number of mushrooms with lower weight less than 15 g in example basidium.


M had the most reduced propagation in the substrate with 0. The most effective stimulators of these remedies became the Mn II coordinating compounds with halogenoacetates. The stimulator effect consists Standard formula supplemented with mL chopped wheat straw s.

The corn and the bran come from the same region. The investigations are carrying out in lizimeters, where the soil processes are modelling.

The upper part usually remained idle, with a glossy appearance without any dehydration marks. Edible mushroom Pleurotus sajor-caju production on washed and supplemented sugarcane bagasse. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the ability of P. The colonization time shortening was not directly influenced by the inoculation mode in the substrate. Effect of calcinated oyster shell powder on growth, yield, spawn run and primordial formation of king oyster mushroom Pleurotus eryngii.

The amylases activity in this variant remains higher than the control in the whole period of cultivation a fact which confirms that this complex not only stimulates the development of the microorganism but also increases enzymatic biosynthesis.

The spawn was isolated from the dawn spawn through PDA culture medium made in the faculty laboratory. Groundwater waters of common Trebujeni, Orhei district, were investigated in the summer and autumn of Cultivation of the king Oyster Mushroom Plerrotus eryngii in Egypt.

Cultivation parameters were evaluated after Moda et al. This phenomenon translates into a faster fructification but not into high value productivity. There was a 2 day difference between the M and SPe3, revealing that the wheat straw s presence does not determine fructification advancing.

Arta Cultivarii Ciupercilor

The data of productivity and biochemical comparative properties of microalgae Dunaliella salina cultivated on the mineral medium Ben-Amotz and on the medium on the base of the cultural liquid from Spirulina platensis produced are presented. The highest value obtain was Otherwise the propagation after 72 h exceeded 2. Academy of Sciences of Moldova.


This paper represents the theoretical results of optimization and prognosis for soil humification potential. Home About the journal Conditions for publication Archive Contact. In the future, it is envisaged culrivare the testing of alternative methods of cultivation casing layerwhich could simplify the technological requirements of an individual mushroom.

Currently, there are studies on obtaining new technologies or improvement pleurtus the actual ones, in order to improve the productivity and efficiency substrate exploitation Vamanu, ; Estrada et al.

Journal of Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Abstract The purpose of the study was the identification of competitive substrate formulas to sustain Pleurotus eryngii cultivation, in Romania, in order to recover some cellulolytic wastes easy to procure in rural areas. First wave has appeared days after the pleurotuss of the stabilization phase.

The harvesting was done when the mushroom top has started to bend. To all these adds a better glucose metabolism, through intervention on insulin synthesis medicalmushrooms.

Abstract | Journal of Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Standard formula supplemented with mL rice breach; SPe3: This tendency was ccultivare also when using the rice breach, which adds to the substrate starch, stimulating the spawn multiplication.

Pleurotus eryngii mushroom is used for its ergothioneine content which is an amino acid but so for some statins lovastatinwhich prevent plasmatic cholesterol level rising and the decreasing of arterial deposits. Title Keywords Authors Summary Edition: Journal of Agronomy,