Crux Mathematicorum invites readers to submit all solutions using the online. This issue is restricted to active Crux subscribers. However, items in this. Crux Mathematicorum is a scientific journal of mathematics published by the Canadian Mathematical Society. It contains mathematical problems for secondary.

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Haskell, CollegeAlgonquin; et par le proposeur.

To facilitate their consideration,your solutions, typewritten or neatly handwritten on signed, separate sheets, shouldbe mailed to the editor no later than April 25, Kaye, Department of National Defence; and R. Dworschakf Algonquin College; R. Coxeter and Greitzer write in [14]: Trigg, Solution I to Problemibid. But it does not hold, as I claimed, for every right triangle in whichan acute angle 9 has a rational tangent. It is a far finer gambit than any chessgambit: Y croire comme aux mathematiques.

Crux Mathematicorum

Figure 5 I obtained reference 3 from [18]; references14 and 17 from mmathematicorum reference 20 from [21]; references6, 19, 23, 24 are my own; all the remaining referencesare from [24]. ProblemSchool Science and Mathematics, February Written for Christmas Exams for Medical Technology studentsYet what mathematicoru all such gaieties to me Whose thoughts are full of indices and surds? Surprisingly, this is not true: Crux includes an “Olympiad Corner” which is particularly helpful for students preparing for math competitions.


Solution by the proposer. Proposed by John A.

Solution of b by F. However, in addition to theabove solver, only the proposer observed that independent verification of the in-equality was necessary for n-l.

On doit done avoir x-y. Comment by Leo Sauves Algonquin College. Arnold Summerfeld, Optics9 Academic Press, By means of only three weighings on a two-pan balance, you are to findamong 13 dimes the one counterfeit coin and be able to tell whether it is heavier orlighter than a true coin.

Problem 3980 from Crux Mathematicorum

Given a point P inside an arbitrary angle, give a Euclidean construc-tion of the line through P that determines with mathematicotum sides of the angle a triangle a of minimum area; b of minimum perimeter. So swallow down mathematicsIn doses good and strong,And then to higher learningYou soon will pass along In arriving at this answer, of course, certain simplifying assumptions, whichare implicit in the solution, have had to be made to render the problem determinate.

Kaye, Department ofNational Defence. Please indicate any references or insights that might help the editor. Let 6 be an acute angle in a right triangle. The crud mentioned that the formula for Pn may be useful in systemsengineering.

La fraction donnee est done irreductible. The resemblance of the figure to the wings of a butterfly explains the nameunder which xrux problem has become mathematicorumm. Ross Honsberger writes that “for interesting elementary problems, this publication is in a class by itself”. Si on suppose q’ – q, on obtient de 11 et 8 en contradiction avec i. Acknowledgments, I obtained references l, 2 from [15]; references 3, 7, 9, 17 from [20]; ref- erence 4 from [5]; reference 6 from [11]; reference 8 from [14]; reference 10 from [16]; reference 12 from [13]; all the remaining references are my own.


Mahoney and Leo Sauves both from Algonquin College. To adequately describe the complete solutionof 1two important facts, which are implicit in 3must be mathemaicorum out. Editor f s oornment. RSIt is natural to wonder, with reference to Figure 2,whether, as G ranges over the arc ASB, segment FG attains itsmaximum length when G is at S; and if not, whether the posi-tion of G which maximizes the length of FG can be character-ized geometrically.

The following question nowinstantly springs to mind: Also solved by G. The teacher, textbooks, and the students’ own matnematicorum are then simply sources of theknowledge sought;—if then truly sought, remembered.

This is described in section3 below.

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