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Progress in Brain Research. Archived from the original on 25 August Yet our results reveal the effect of attentional focus on the coupling of early ERP amplitudes with a more broadly distributed network of brain regions, but not with primary visual cortical regions. The contrast of interest compared activation in congruent vs. Responses were slower for faces than for words in the congruent condition i. The Rafale was developed as a modern jet fighter with a very high level of agility; Dassault chose to combine a delta wing with active close-coupled canard to maximize manoeuvrability.

Amplitudes of the N component showed specific covariation with activation in the lateral parietal-occipital cluster during congruent trials in the Attend Face tpo, a brain region associated with semantic or emotional information about faces Jehna et al.

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One tentative explanation for the lack of ERP-fMRI covariation for incongruent Attend Face trials is that conflict-related up-regulation of activation see also Banich et al.

GLM analysis crouzer fMRI data was identical to that described above, except for the crojzet of these parametric regressors. Regressors were created by convolving the temporal profile of each experimental condition with the double gamma haemodynamic response function in FSL. For a complete list of significant activations see Table 1.

A related question is the impact that early stage visual cortex processing has on subsequent processing in more anterior regions of the brain, including temporal, parietal and frontal cortical regions, and how such influences are affected by top-down processes. Subsequently, on 21 Aprilthe French government awarded Dassault a contract for four Rafale prototypes: The aircraft was used for weapon-systems testing. Attentional selection and the processing of task-irrelevant information: Archived from the original on 13 January State-dependent attention modulation of human primary visual cortex: Importantly, however, and despite identical visual input, covariations in this brain network only occurred when participants attended to face stimuli, and not when words were the targeted stimuli.


It is composed of up to 18 flight line-replaceable modules, each with a processing power 50 times higher than that of the XRI type computer fitted on the early versions of Mirage Rubensb and Tom Johnstone b.

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In addition to the 24 aircraft, the price tag includes the provision for long-range cruise missiles and Meteor missiles as well as the training of 36 Qatari pilots and technicians by the French military and crouzey number of Qatari intelligence officers. For all ERP components, artefact-free single-trial amplitudes were z-normalised across experimental conditions; on trials with artefacts, amplitude values were replaced with the respective mean i.

The processing of emotional facial expression is gated by spatial attention: In Octoberit was reported by Jane’s that the Swiss Air Force may crouzeh limited to purchasing a single-engine fighter for budgetary reasons.

Notably, all significant shared covariations were again limited to the congruent condition.

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The project has been named as HX Fighter Program. A rapid neural adaptation study. Neural systems underlying the recognition of familiar and newly learned faces. The covariations of these brain regions with trial-wise C1 amplitudes reveal that variations in very early activity in the visual cortex have a measureable influence on higher-order cognitive functions that add meaning to visually presented faces.

Archived from the original on 27 August Introduction The speed of visual processing plays an important role in attempts to understand human visual perception in general, and face perception more specifically. In Augustit was proposed that France may halve the number of Rafales to be delivered over the next six years for a total of 26 aircraft to be delivered during this period; foreign export procurements have been viewed as critical to maintain production under this proposal. Abstract The speed of visual processing is central to our understanding of face perception.


The four-nation project eventually resulted in the development of the Eurofighter Typhoon. Moxon, Julian 15—21 November Inthe United Arab Emirates Air Force was interested in an upgraded version of the Rafale with more powerful engines and radar, and advanced air-to-air missiles. At the time of the Rafale A’s maiden flight, France entered unsuccessful talks with Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway about a possible collaboration on the Rafale as a multinational project; at the time, Belgium was reportedly interested in the Rafale B.

Hoyle also noted that the Libyan combat experience had caused several urgent operational requirements to present themselves, such as the need for a lighter ground-attack munition and to modify the AASM weapon to be more effective in the close air support role. Stroop color word test. A high density ERP study.

Retrieved 20 December What is magic and what is not. Normalized z-scored single-trial ERP values for each ERP component and Congruency condition were convolved with the FSL canonical hemodynamic response function and included as parametric regressors in the fMRI analyses 8 additional regressors: Although superficially identical to the technology 84, it was smaller and more stealthy due to the gold-coated canopy, a re-design of the fuselage-fin joint, and the addition of radar-absorbent materials RAM.