SAP CRM User Interface Overview; UI Concept; Customizing of Business Roles; Navigation Bar Customizing and Transaction Launcher; Architecture; UI. Customers, SAP consultants and project team members who are responsible for The course CR refers to the CRM WebClient User Interface which was. The course CR (SAP CRM User Interface) is introducing this technology to technically interested customer and project team members.

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EnglishGoalsThis end-user training will enable your team to perform tasks in SAP Hybris backoffice applications with standard functionality: Transaction Ueer is used to maintain the authorization profiles.

Depending on the event that is triggered, event handling classes define the further logic. The definition of the extension takes place via Business Object-specific wizards. You have the choice between a single column page layout and a page usser that consists of multiple tiles.

If the navigation target is an independent workarea component the navigation is mediated by mapping tables that are part of the navigation bar customizing and the workarea component repository.

Double-click the entry and note the information, especially the technical extension name ZZ…. The flag Enable configuration mode is very useful for administrators and only available if the user has corresponding authorizations.

It offers a data cr, to the outside as well as some navigation inbound plugs. There intdrface also a generic functional profiles, e.

SAP CRM User Interface

Choose it and move it to the list of Displayed Assignment Blocks. The context nodes follow the same hierarchy as defined in the data model. How many links are displayed on the following page? Here the views change – for example dependant on navigation, events and data constellations. The generic outbound plug mapping within the navigation bar customizing defines the regarding target ID of the target component.


One important setting is missing. Use transaction SM30 to add a new entry.

The single views that are displayed in the workarea view set are not stand alone objects, but are hosted in different UI components. Find the fields using the page forward alphabetically order! It offers a set of wizards that help creating new views, viewsets, windows, custom controllers etc.

SAP CRM User Interface | | Learn Valley

Work Center Every first-level menu item has an individual work center page. The layout type is chosen when you create a new configuration for the fact sheet.

New entries need to be created in the Navigation Bar profile. An extension is only considered to be ready when it has been generated correctly and cdm required Post Processing activities rc580 been executed.

There after follows a list of property: You can also exclude existing skins that you do not want to delete. You should see your enhancement set ID in the second input field on the right side of the screen.

You find the template designer in the Workcenter Sales Operations. All generated objects belonging to a project are transported cf580 it is not possible to transport an individual extension.

The Relations on the left side change and your should be able to find BuilStandardAddressRel in the list of relations. Add the field Industry Sector below the field Rating. For other more sophisticated tasks you may use another tool provided within CRM system. In the structure-tree on the left double-click Layout.

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On right hand side a screen area opens where all field properties get displayed. The design layer uses Object Types to bundle design objects that logically belong together. There are six Yser, five Create and four Reports entries available. The framework itself does not contain any business logic. Other determination rules can be implemented by you using this BADI. If necessary use the icon to close the Enhancement Set field so that only the Component and Test Application fields are visible.

By Double clicking on a relation the BOL retrieves the list of dependent business objects. This linking is referred to as data binding. Intwrface can also move Assignment Blocks up and down. How many Group Links are marked as In Menu? The navigation bar contains sub areas or components defined in the layout profile.

An enhancement set is a folder for enhancements that belong together Create an Enhancement Set: Leave this browser session open.

In the structure-tree on the left double-click Define Logical Links. Click on the triangle area to cdm the second-level navigation area. Double-click the second entry and observe the information on the right-hand side, especially the name of the maintenance view. Neither this training manual nor any part thereof may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means, or translated into another language, without the prior consent of SAP AG.