Die 7 Wege zur Effektivität has 13 ratings and 1 review. Richy said: Das Buch muss ich nochmal lesen, und dann eine Bewertung schreiben und dabei besonde. When Stephen Covey first released The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the book became an instant rage because people suddenly got up and took. Die 7 Wege zur Effektivität. 10 CD’s: Prinzipien für persönlichen und beruflichen Erfolg by Stephen R. Covey at – ISBN – ISBN.

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Rather, ran screaming for my sanity, from corporate America. Buy something you will never use, but if you can use it in a unique way for which it was not intended do that. I don’t dislike books often and I don’t read self help often. If I take the scenic route, and run out of gas doing it, I find adventure, and often meet AAA wrecker drivers who could write books on their experie This is my husband’s favorite book.

They consider his masterpiece of a book as a mere coffee-table book or a book that you use for light reading when you are traveling and then forget all about it. Relish the wonder of soap bubbles blown in the sun. Effektiv leben View in iTunes.

But at least I enjoy life at its fullest, I love effektivit moments, I enjoy rain, I take walks just for the hell of it, I read stupid books just to feel superior.

We shall begin by trying to understand his model first, and then interpret it in such a way that it pertains to every aspect of our life. Lists with This Book. A Time Conscious Life: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Stephen R. Covey on Apple Books

Erst verstehen, dann verstanden werden 6. Colanders make great Halloween alien helmets. This I think the sign of a great book is when, right inside the cover there is a pull out brochure that encourages you to order more of the authors products – that’s some quality shit when you see that. Covey’s Life View in iTunes. I would skip this one, but if you are deep into reading effekttivitt psychology I suppose you might see this one referenced to bits and get the urge to check it out anyway, like I did.


Lists with This Book. Jasmin rated ewge really liked it Feb 27, So, where is the shortcoming? Maria added it Sep 22, The book I am reading now – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg – does this really well, by exploring relevant historical material in order to make his point about how people’s habits define them.

The question was on effectiveness and you have stated it as a solution. I have often said that most self-help books could be reduced to a 3×5 index card. For example, Covey writes that if you’re not nice to your coworkers, you won’t get far in your career.

Die 7 Wege zur Effektivität: Snapshots: Die Snapshot-Ausgabe by Stephen R. Covey

Just looking through the obscenely over-priced merchandise is enough to merit a 1 Star rating for the book on Goodreads. If you have any sense of self awareness or if you ever reflect on yourself, you probably won’t gain anything from this book. This book has gained a pseudo-religious following in many circles. I am no more effective for reading it.

La puissance des mots View in iTunes. You know, maybe it’ll make me smarter, and a better person. They are built on dubious and superficially plausible abstractions of reality, based on which you can explain whatever you want if you try hard enough.

I would like to make clear that David Hasselhoff’s appearance in this review should in no way be deemed to imply that I endorse or support his career in any way whatsoever. Sharpen the saw …. I’m don’t know why, but the phrase “This book is so American” kept popping into my head as I was going through it.


Shortly after reading it, I retired.

It’s not that the book itself is horrible. Simon Langewald rated it it was amazing Apr 18, What was the model that was propounded by Stephen Covey in his mega-famous book?

This book is my assigned reading for tonight, this review received more of my attention than the assigned reading will. With books like this, I only have one cookie-cutter mold for happiness. I regurgitate bullshit for conversations Seriously, there’s a whole slew of people whose career consists of teaching this book at conferences. The author ascribes the origin of the 7 habits to what he calls ‘correct principles’ that are ‘evident’ and based on ‘natural laws’.

But not for me. Their advice is similar to banking industry – let’s create hundred of funds, 80 percent of them die in 5 years and then after those five years we show remaining best as representations of great skill.

Die 7 Wege zur Effektivität : Prinzipien für privaten und beruflichen Erfolg

effekitvitt Pues bien, me explico: View all comments. Le pouvoir de la confiance: By forgetting about the time and shimming the door knob that has been bothering me for weeks, and then remembering that it is time to pick up my child from school, he learns independence and I can cross the darn rattling doorknob off my to do list.

Le 7 regole per avere successo View in iTunes. This book makes me want to barf – A LOT! Olga rated it liked effektivirt Aug 04, J marked it as to-read May 02, The Leadership Essentials View in iTunes.

I listened to a few chapters and decided this kind of “wisdom” really wasn’t wisdom at all, just prepackaged, pre-Deepak Chopra nonsense. I am so sick of hearing them.