Kilcullen’s paper “Counterinsurgency of classical counterinsurgency theory to modern conflict. David Kilcullen is one of the world’s most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas “are. David Kilcullen is one of the world’s foremost experts on guerrilla warfare. instruction at military academies and counterinsurgency schools worldwide, and has.

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Kilcullen negotiated a cease-fire with the Indonesian forces, addressed the media in an effort to prevent the incident from becoming an international incident, and endured a UN investigation following the incident. As Kilcullen notes, any metrics can be quickly outdated as the insurgency evolves.

I would liked to have seen the same quality of davvid and level of reader-engagement throughout, but because it is a collection of individual articles that span more than 10 years of study and experience, the quality varies from chapter to chapter. Counterinsurgency — David Kilcullen By Lars Lofgren Following the success and praise of his previous book, The Accidental GuerrillaDavid Kilcullen has released a compilation of his previously published articles on counterinsurgency that have impacted and evolved the theoretical understanding of the field.

This is apparently the prevailing thinking among military and security decision-makers in Washington right now. The most useful chapter by far for most readers is likely to be the last chapter, which discusses the systems model of insurgency comparing an insurgent jilcullen to a biological organism, and the methods that COIN strategies must adopt in order to be able to adapt and combat such groups.

Inhe became a senior analyst in the Australian Office of National Assessmentswhere he served on the writing team for the Australian Government’s Terrorism White Paper, “Transnational Terrorism: Kilcullen provides a a fascinating view of the problem of insurgency which has gained prominence in the last two decades from the perspective of an army officer, a policy adviser and a theoretician. The nature of insurgency has changed since the s, 60s and 70s. Kilcullen’s paper “Counterinsurgency Counterinsugency ” questions the relevance of classical counterinsurgency theory to modern conflict.


Retrieved 27 June Jun 19, Kyle rated it it was ok Shelves: Indeed, his vision of modern warfare powerfully influenced the United States’ decision to rethink its military strategy in Iraq and implement “the Surge,” now recognized as a dramatic success. His research centered on investigating power diffusion in Indonesia during the Darul Islam Era of to and the Indonesian Occupation of East Timor of to Counerinsurgency learning that I should read every word Kilcullen writes.

David John Kilcullen FRGS born is an Australian author, strategist and counterinsurgency expert and is currently the non-executive Chairman of Caerus Associates, a strategy and design consulting firm that he founded.

While Kilcullen’s emphasis on a population-centric approach to COIN, the importance alleviating suffering for the populace may be overstated. Retrieved 28 June In many ways applicable to non-combat but otherwise hostile environments and populations. Environmental factors can exacerbate the diffusion of power.

Jun 02, William J. Australian Political Science Association Conference On the subject of the global war on terror, he advocates an approach which views an insurgency as an organic system, with subsystems and flows and linkages of energy and material both within the organism and between the organism and its ecosystem that can be cut off or disrupted in order to starve the organism of the energy it requires to function.

Unless you literally want to burn everything down until there isn’t anything left it is a poor choice for fighting a counter-insurgency. The Indonesian government defeated the Darul Islam insurgency in West Java with the implementation of a new counterinsurgency strategy: There is no panacea of counterinsurgency.

These lessons should not be transferred to other counterinsurgency operations necessarily; their success depended on unique circumstances.


The actions of individuals and the propaganda effect of a subjective “single narrative” may far outweigh practical progress, rendering counter-insurgency even more non-linear and unpredictable than before. Sympathetic Puritans Abram Van Engen.

In fact indiscriminate violence is more like using gasoline to put out a fire. His final chapter on treating global extremist terrorism as a global-level insurgency makes sense, as would his suggestions on how to tackle the issue. Counterinsurgency provides a well-rounded view of insurgencies and how to defeat them from the view of a persona actually in the battle.


Arnason and Ireneusz Kilculldn Karolewski.

No trivia or kilcul,en yet. Counterinsurgency David Kilcullen Limited preview – His vision of war has been enormously influential, through his service as senior counterinsurgency adviser to General David Petraeus during the Surge in Iraq, as special adviser to the United States Secretary of State, and as Considering the lack of a global government, classical counterinsurgency will not work.

David Kilcullen

Terror is a tactic of insurgency. Archived from the original on 23 June Gentile each wrote two articles debating the topic in Joint Force Quarterly Together, the articles try to be a primer and handbook for counterinsurgents. Why I finished it: After twelve months of training in Indonesia, Kilcullen graduated from daavid Australian Defence Force School of Languages [10] in with an advanced diploma in applied linguistics.

He is fluent in Indonesian and speaks some Arabic and French. There are eight basic types of links: He helped design and implement the Regional Strategic Initiative, the policy that drives United States counter-terrorism diplomacy worldwide.

Aug 03, Jansen Wee rated it liked it. It was a collection of previously written articles collected in a single volume, with notes to update them to Retrieved 9 Sep In other words, these insurgent networks can be described as a variant of a traditional Middle Eastern patronage network.

Still a brilliant analyst.

Counterinsurgency – Paperback – David Kilcullen – Oxford University Press

This edition presents a fully updated and expanded version, including a new introduction, annotated tactical case studies, and an appendix on the key principles of the hugely successful Surge campaign of in Iraq. Oct 27, Tari rated it it was ok. View all 3 comments.

kilcuullen Kilcullen represents one of the more prominent experts that recommend alleviating as much suffering as possible for the populace and the reader should be aware of critiques of that perspective.