Corrupting the Image has 77 ratings and 15 reviews. Angela said: A very Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed Douglas Hamp. Corrupting the Image challenges the curious minded to think beyondtraditional opinion, as it delves deep into the core of original biblical te. I am going to begin a series of running posts that engage with a book written by Douglas Hamp; I believe it was accepted as his PhD.

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Dec 28, Joshua Cannon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Douglas brings together, perhaps for the first time ever, a comprehensive dougls of how the Antichrist will be a genetic counterfeit of the virgin birth. Sep 03, Angela R. Open Preview See a Problem?

Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed

You know it is a good book when it makes you want to read your Bible more and share your faith with the person sitting next to you on a plane. In these builders we were to identify the hermeneutical principles said exegete was deploying in their exegetical work, and attempt to identify where he or she was in error if they were ; based upon what type of hermeneutic they might be following e.

My kind of study. Something ominous is coming upon the worl d: It was not tolerated in the days of Noah and for that reason God commanded the extermination of the inhabitants of the land of Canaan.

The genetic mingling of demonic and human could not be tolerated. This book takes what the Bible says and magnifies it so you can see clearly how genetics is vital to opening the door for the return of the Nephilim. This book captures the epic story promised in the title.

The Strong Delusion – Corrupting Image Part 10 by Douglas Hamp

Genetic Mark of the Beast Audio 1 hr Pingback: A petrified foot more than two feet long was found in a coal mine near Lehigh by ccorrupting at Fort Dodge Iowa. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I am just relaying this in case you are interested: Concerning douflas magnitude of their bodies, the graves laid bare by age or the force of rivers and various accidents, especially convict the incredulous where they have come to light, corruppting where the bones of the dead of incredible magnitude have fallen.

We are working on getting the e-book version up and ready. For instance, I am far more concerned over their hard Sabbatarianism and stance vis-a-vis the Mosaic Law than I am by their notion of what happened to the lost tribes.


If the one in Washington corrupting would make some sense to me since I can see this type of aberrant stuff developing in Fundamentalist circles. Book was very interesting and we’ll thought out.

Of course, the man douglaa the coffin did not weigh that much when alive and the fossilization process added to the overall weight. However, in our day seeing is not always believing because computer programs like Photoshop can make the unreal look very convincing.

Not only was this Irish Giant also two feet taller than Goliath, but he also had six toes on the right foot just like the Rephaim which were counted among the Nephilim.

One of the best books I have read on the subject. Books by Douglas Hamp. A cacophony of non sequiturs.

Corrupting the Image

He aptly discusses what took place in Genesis 6, specifically what actually took place between the sons of God fallen angels and the daughters of men, creating what Scripture calls the Nephilim, the giants and men of renown. Hamp also discusses some rather interesting concepts such as the idea that Adam and Eve wore garments douglzs light, something he finds support in based on scientific research that indicates our DNA emits a very low level of light.

So much great information. Due to my language studies in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic at ccorrupting Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, I have been able to do my own linguistic research throughout this book.

Corrupting the Image |

Watts rated it liked it Shelves: One of the teeth is said to have been as large as an ordinary forefinger, emphasis mine. When you read what Hamp writes about following a literal grammatical-historical approach this might not sound that radical; indeed it might even sound text-critical of the history of religions sort, or of the dispensational sort; it is neither.

One such example is brought to us by W. Pointing to ancient Jewish and Christian writings on this subject, Hamp suggests prior to sin, Adam and Eve reflected the image coreupting part. The other thing worth looking into is the Trinitarian bona fides of the individuals, it might be even worse than the ESS crew.

The text is intriguing and corroborates what we have been investigating on giants. We have shown that the sons of God were not the sons of Seth but were in fact fallen angels, imafe the daughters of Adam men were not the daughters of Cain, but were simply women or as the writer of Genesis already put, they were the descendants of Adam.


However, I am glad that you liked the book. I look forward to your book. I loved how the author backed things up with scripture. I wrote a shhort paper a couple of years ago about the mark of the beast. Demons materializing physically in some manner. Some how they entered in when we converted it from MS Word to Indesign. We have seen that the Bible clearly teaches that the union of demons and women produced a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim, who were on the earth before the flood and afterwards.

I have a thr connection with Hamp from years past. Jesus told us that the last days will be like the days of Noah when fallen angels mixed their seed with humanity. Yet again there was war at Gath, where there was a man of great staturewith twenty-four fingers and toes, six on each hand and six on each foot ; and he also was born to the giant [Rephaim, LXX reads: What a great book — makes the scripture live.

As far as I can tell thus far, Hamp theorizes without engaging with any imge alternatives or theories to his own; he does his exegesis, as far as I can tell, without allowing any critical biblical scholars in the guild to challenge his work. Jan 03, Michael Boling rated it it was amazing.

Some were found at a great depth under the earth which only serves to confirm that they were buried during a great cataclysm that came upon the earth — which obviously was the flood in the corruptihg of Noah. I appreciated his no nonsense approach to scripture and felt he handled the biblical texts well.

When I was doing my undergrad degree I took a class called Hermeneutics ; in that class my professor, as a warm-up, so to speak, would have us do hermeneutical builders where we would examine a sample piece of biblical or other type of literature exegesis done by various commentators and exegetes spanning the centuries and into the contemporary. You and I think the same.