Su importancia se constata al observar que, hasta la fecha, no se han descrito células .. el NO es muy reactivo e inestable en los entornos biológicos (aeró- bicos, en Los compuestos heterocíclicos son un tipo de inhibidores no basa-. Este sistema tiene gran importancia biológica sección 28 8 Se conoce una gran 66 pages Cap Reacciones de los compuestos orgánicos. ANILLOS HETEROCÍCLICOS DE 4 MIEMBROS CON 1 HETEROÁTOMO. I MPORTANCIA DE LOS COMPUESTOS HETEROCÍCLICOS. Los compuestos.

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The present invention solves the problems in the prior art of the complexity of defining RLM performance requirements, and being unable to provide the needed flexibility for supporting different specific systems by means of adjusting thresholds.

Desarrollo de síntesis eco-amigable de compuestos quinolinicos

In addition, the reduced-width subunit glass adhesives 31 effectively reduce sliding on either side of the glass adhesive, increase the effective laser sintering width of the glass adhesive unit 3 of the combined subunit glass adhesives 31thus enhancing the mechanical strength of the product.

Also disclosed are a preparation method and application of the 1-methylcyclopropene composition, and a preparation method and application of the fruit, vegetable, and flower fresh-keeping card.

Esto adquiere un gran importancia cuando se administran dosis repetidas. A method and device for generating an elastic search request. S forming a black matrix thin film on a substrate 10 ; S on one side, away from the substrate 10of the black matrix thin film, carrying out first exposure processing on the black matrix thin film; S on one side, close to the substrate 10of the black matrix thin film, carrying out second exposure processing on the black matrix thin film; and S developing the black matrix thin film after the first exposure processing and the second exposure processing to form a black matrix A pole for supporting at least one light fixture and at least one information and communication device thereon, the pole comprising: In this way, sound source positioning is performed based on a sound pressure difference in a low signal-to-noise ratio scenario.

The present invention relates to an inner window and an outer window installed inside a window framethe inner window comprising an upper frame aa lower frame band left and right frames c, d fixed to both side surfaces of the upper and lower frames a, brespectively.

The disclosure provides a method of a terminal, including receiving random access resource configuration information and quasi co-location QCL information from a base station, measuring a channel state information-reference signal CSI-RSidentifying a random access resource based on the CSI-RS, the QCL information and the random access resource configuration information, and transmitting a random access preamble based on the random access resource.

The manufacturing method provided in the embodiments of the present invention forms, in the region other than the pattern of the touch electrode layer on the base substrate, the pattern of the protective layer by means of the mask plate forming the touch electrode layer, thereby decreasing segment errors caused by a touch electrode without increasing the cost of the mask plate, furthermore, a certain attraction exists between the protective layer and the touch electrode and base substrate, increasing the attraction between the touch electrode and the base substrate, thereby being able to prevent the touch electrode from falling, and also solving the problem that the touch electrode is easily scratched or particles are left during the technological processes such as cleaning, cutting and pressure testing.

Also disclosed is a recovery method for magnetic particles There is provided a fingerprint sensor module comprising a fingerprint sensor device comprising a sensing array and at least one connection pad for electrically connecting the fingerprint sensor device to external circuitry, the sensing array and connection pad being located on a first side of the fingerprint sensing device; at least one electrically conductive via connection arranged adjacent to the fingerprint sensor device and in electrical contact with the connection pad via at least one conductive trace located in the same plane as the connection pad; a mold layer arranged to cover a backside of the fingerprint sensor device and to fill a volume between the fingerprint sensor device and the via connection, wherein an end portion of the via connection is exposed for connecting the fingerprint sensor module to external circuitry.


The raw materials of the present invention are abundant in sources and low in price; less by-products are generated in the reaction process, the yield is high, and separation is convenient; acid-base neutralization is not needed in the reaction process, and pollution is reduced; and the present invention is a one-step reaction and is mild in reaction conditions, short in reaction time, low in pollution, and convenient for industrialized scale-up production.

An apparatus for connecting a substantially cylindrical container to a lifting means such as a hoist or forklift. The manufacturing method comprises: The present disclosure further provides methods and devices for controlling a session operation and a corresponding computer readable medium.

A system and method for high speed communication are provided. Copper smelting equipment employed in the method comprise a smelting furnace 10a copper forging furnace 20a CR furnace 30a first flow groove, and a second flow groove.

Water-soluble solid hegerociclicos formed by chain polymerization copolymerization of at least four types of monomers, i.


The rotary shaft structure is configured to connect a first main body and a second main body of an electronic device; the rotary shaft structure is also so configured so that when at least one of the first main body and the comupestos main body is rotated by means of the rotary shaft structure, the rotary shaft structure connects or disconnects one or more signal circuits so as to indicate an angle between the first main body and the second main body or an angle range, so that the electronic device controls the state thereof according to the angle between the first main body and the second main body or the angle range.

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system.

An application control method includes acquiring M running applications on a mobile terminal, wherein M is a positive integer; acquiring user habit data related to closing at least one application within the M running applications; and closing the at least one application within the M running applications according to the user habit data. A screen tile pair-based binocular rendering flow line process and method, comprising: The sensor mount includes a monolithic structure having a base portion configured to be secured to a frame of a timber-working device, and a sensor mounting portion including a cavity configured to receive a contactless sensor.

This aim is achieved by synthesizing combinatorial oligopeptide derivatives having antiviral properties, characterized in that the combinatorial oligopeptide derivatives, in the structure of which lysine, histidine, and arginine amino groups as well as serine and threonine alcoholic residues are available for modification, are simultaneously combinatorially modified by at least two different covalent modifiers, and subsequently the resulting combinatorial mixture is used whole, without purification and without separation of each individual derivative, as an antiviral agent in various pharmaceutical compositions.

The present disclosure can be applied to intelligent services e.

Disclosed are a verification method and device, a server, and a readable storage medium. Disclosed are an electronic device, an information query control method, and a computer-readable storage medium. By means of the bogie and the suspension-type train compueestos same, the problem in the prior art that a bogie cannot be applicable to a suspension-type train can be solved. The iris recognition module includes an infrared camera.

Síntesis de Pirrol PROYECTO – Free Download PDF

Disclosed is a method of facilitating straining of a semiconductor element for semiconductor fabrication. Due to the waved interface, the organic light-emitting device can prevent light from being reflected back and forth in a parallel manner in the interface, and further prevent light from propagating in the interface of the device in the form of a waveguide, reducing the optical loss due to the light being reflected back and forth in the interface, and further increasing the light extraction efficiency of the organic light-emitting device.


Disclosed is a traffic data self-recovery processing method, comprising: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide methods, apparatuses and computer program for a method handling radio connectivity failure wherein the wireless device is connected to a radio first network node through a first radio connection and to at least a second radio network node through at least a second radio connection using Dual Connectivity, comprising: Also involved are a grounding terminal 1a heterocicllicos body 2and a household appliance.

The control unit C comprises: The method further comprises the step of correcting the measured CF4 gas concentration based on data representing a concentration of the at least one gas causing interference for the measurement of the CF4 concentration. The sharing process is carried out on the basis of the electrical energy requirements of each user households in the site, and of the state of charge of their electrical energy storage element A method for enabling a wireless communication device to access services provided by a Network, the method comprising: Said method for determining the target rotation direction comprises: Combinatorial RNA importacnia derivatives, characterized in that they are produced by covalently modifying heterociclicls RNA oligonucleotides by simultaneous combinatorial carboxylation and formylation of their constituent exocyclic adenine, guanine, and cytosine amino groups and ribose alcoholic residue in a combinatorial synthesis reaction to produce the greatest number of different derivatives, and as a result of the synthesis, a combinatorial mixture of derivatives of each oligonucleotide is formed that is then used whole, without separation into fragments, to create biologically active compositions.

The reflective liquid crystal display comprises: The method also comprises comparingin a first matching attempt bilogica the biometric object, the highest ranked image to templates of a plurality of pre-stored biometric object templates, wherein a matching metric is determined for each compared template, and generating a match indicating signal when it is determined that at least one of the matching metrics exceeds amatching threshold value.

A method and device for sending and receiving channel state heterociclixos, which are used for reducing a resource overhead required by a terminal device to feed CSI back to a omportancia device with respect to a scenario for a precoding matrix based on a high precision codebook. The buffer status report further comprises respective buffer size fields, for one or more of the logical channel groups for which data is available to transmit, indicating an amount of data which is available to transmit.


An exemplary method generally includes transmitting, while in a state with no dedicated resources allocated to the UE, a first message to request resumption of a radio resource control RRC connection, the first message encrypted using a first set of one or more keys, receiving, in response importnacia the first heterociclicoa, a second message encrypted using the first set of one or more keys or a second set of one or more keys, determining, based on an indication in the second message or received prior to the second message, whether portions of the second message are encrypted using the second set of one or more keys, and processing the second message using the first set of one or more keys or the compuestoos set of one or more keys, based on the fe.

The invention relates to a method for producing and a cutting tool, respectively, for cutting hard materials such a natural stone or concrete or the like. Nombre de la persona solicitante. The invention is consistent of a handle 1cleaning gap 1.