Twenty-year-old Leah’s been in a state of collapse since her boyfriend’s fatal accident. His aunt swoops in and saves her by providing a rent-free place to stay in. Read Come See About Me by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . C.K. Kelly Martin, who’s written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn’t find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See.

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This is wholly, understandably, inconceivable to Leah. Mentre Leah vorrebbe riacciuffare i passato, lui vorrebbe cancellarlo, entrambi sono stati scottati anche se in modo diverso ed entrambi vorrebbero essere lasciati soli ed in pace ed invece ogni volta che si vedono finiscono per parlare troppo, e di cose troppo intime.

I’m always up for a good gritty, depressing book and I wouldn’t mind giving this one a shot. She’s also written in such a sex positive manner, that even when people were making mistakes no one was demonized, and sex itself was never presented as an issue.

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Come See About Me is about growing up and learning life lessons the martln way- but also realizing that there is a “plan” out there and you need to believe in it by living your life and believing in your ability to get through the good, the bad and the ugly. It affects people in various ways.

Read the post here: The way Leah recounts the start of her relationship with Bastien, and the tidbits of their happiness laced throughout the story makes it hurt even more.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Moreover, I adore its ending; open, but with just enough temporary closure to satisfy readers who shy away from non-endings.

The protagonist is in her early twenties and is experiencing debilitating grief for the first time. View all 5 comments. It happened again and again, right up until the ending. And while Leah is drowning in emotion, caught up in her grief and pushing the rest of the world aside, her feelings seep into your skin.


I do not enjoy writing negative reviews but sometimes that is sew that I can do. I had quite a bit of trouble getting into this one. I’m so used to seeing couples in books heal one another that it was such a pleasant surprise to see good-old time and thought heal Leah.

Her parents come up to help her and she lies to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if many readers were turned off by a sample of this novel, merely because these first pages are hard to read. I’m glad this book ahout some of the more frustrating aspects of the NA genre and is so very successful as a result. Because he is so much more than that.

Perhaps the author wanted to keep the realism factor h Sse review is written in my “snapshot” format.

Come See About Me by C.K. Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin, I will definitely be checking out more. This book had me bored I did not connect to this book at all. I don’t need to read about every little thing this chick does. Soon Leah’s falling into a casual sexual abiut with Irish actor Liam Kellehan, who has troubles of his own, even as she continues to yearn for her dead boyfriend.

This time could have been spent building tension between Fome and Liam. I’m long out of marton and I’m not going to lie – my eyes goggled a few times while reading this. Come See About Me is the sort of contemporary adult fiction I’m always wanting to read, but what doesn’t seem to exist in the marketplace. I disagree with this statement wholeheartedly. Kelly Martin Goodreads Author.

More of this please.

C.l.kelly least not at this point. You can read a great guest post from C. It’s sensual and steamy and completely hot as in HOT.

She captured the emotions and feelings accurately and realistically making me understand the characters easily. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. However, a dental emergency necessitates her finding a part-time job and a repeated chance encounters with Liam, an Irish actor from a Fair City-style television c.k.kflly, who’s hiding from his own life that disintegrated in a very public manner back home in Dublin, slowly draws Leah out of her reclusion.


He finds his dog dead on Christmas and discovers the generic rat poison is next to the same generic blue dog food box. Leah is my new favorite character as she is dealt a very rough hand to play – and doesn’t think she can do it. Initially, Leah maintains her same routine: As for my future with C. Interspersed are moments between Leah and Liam of real emotional connection and longing–longing for more.

When you aren’t sure you want them to hold your hand through it all because you DO have to figure it out yourself. Soon Leah’s falling into a casual sexual relationship with Irish actor Liam Kellehan, who has troubles of his own, even as she continues to yearn for her dead boyfriend. This book was so perfect for me in this moment, so I’m so glad I picked it aobut.

Come See About Me by CK Kelly Martin

Even if it hurts and sucks. You would think having faced that situation ourselves, we would know the right thing to comfort someone. Grief is something that certainly everyone on earth will have to face. I try most of the time to avoid emotional books but for some reason there was something in this book that just pulls me to it.

This does sound like a good contemp. Also, big thumbs up to the author for including a non-judgmental and matter-of-fact use of the morning-after pill. Moreover, the relationship she strikes up with Liam, an Irish TV actor hiding away in tiny Oakville to escape problems of his own back in Dublin, is shockingly unromantic.