Classpad plus, User’s guide, Classpad os version • Read online or download PDF • Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual. View and Download Casio ClassPad PLUS user manual online. ClassPad OS Version ClassPad PLUS Calculator pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Casio ClassPad PLUS. We have 2 Casio ClassPad PLUS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Page k Creating a List A list starts out with an initial default name like list1, list2, list3, etc. Over 30 factors have occurred. You can also drag a figure from the Geometry window to the work area, which displays the corresponding expression or value.

Performs a carriage return operation. Using the Sequence Application The Sequence application provides you with the tools you need to work with explicit sequences and recursive type sequences. Note that clazspad can draw a regression graph without performing the regression calculation.

Returns the third quartile of the values contained in the range of specified cells. To count the number of cells in the block whose upper left corner is located at A7 and whose lower right corner is located at C12, and input the result in cell A1: Starting Up the Spreadsheet Application Use the following procedure to start up the Spreadsheet application.

Linking Trace to a Number Table This section explains how you can link the movement of the trace pointer to the values in the number table used to draw the graph.

Too Long Sheet Name. The specified statements are repeated as long as the condition is true.


Editing A User-defined Function For full details about the 3D Graph application, see Chapter 5. Inputting An Expression In The Sequence Application Inputting an Expression in the Sequence Application Inputting an Expression in the Sequence Application In the Sequence application, you input expressions using menus and buttons, without using the soft keyboard at the bottom of the window.

Casio ClassPad 300 User Manual

Inputting Data Into A List Returns the sample standard deviation of the elements in a list. Quick Initialize Quick Trig Quick log Function has invalid variable name.

Or, you could draw a circle, ellipse, line segment, or function instead of an arc. Front 1 Touch screen The touch screen shows calculation formulas, calculation results, graphs and other information.

Employs the product to sum formulas to transform the product of a trigonometric function into an expression in the sum form. You can also link the trace operation to the number table used to draw a graph, so the pointer jumps to the coordinates that are currently selected in the table.

The confidence interval is obtained using the following expressions. Using the Stylus Slide the stylus from the slot provided for it on the ClassPad, and then use it to perform touch panel operations.

Classpad – Basic Programming Questions – General Help – Universal Casio Forum

Chapter 5 Using The 3d Graph Application Up to five subordinate lists can clasxpad specified. The rules in this section apply when you need to reference a variable that is not located in the current folder or to access a variable that has the same name as one or more variables located in other folders.

Using the Eraser The eraser allows you to erase parts of an image, text, arrows, or lines you have added to a page. Using the Calculation History Example 2: Viewing Regression Calculation Results Page 10 Tap [Modify].

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This command obtains the confidence interval for the population mean when the population standard deviation is unknown.

Casio ClassPad PLUS : User manual – CP_v_OSupdate

Graph Application Overview Other 3d Graph Application Functions Page 22 Formatting Cells and Data When the condition becomes false, execution jumps to the next command after the WhileEnd command. Communication Dialog Box Linear Regression Test Command: The techniques you will use are similar to those of a standard word processor, and they are easy to get used Starting Up the eActivity Application Use the following procedure to start up the eActivity application.

Returns an equivalent polar form [ Syntax: The two on the left column one and column two show information about your ClassPad swhile the two on the right column three and column four show information about your computer.

Page 58 u T key set Tapping the T key displays classlad for inputting trigonometric functions, and changes the T softkey to I. You can also use the Program Editor window to input and edit user-defined functions.

Using The Calculation Submenu Debugging a Program 3 Select the program you want to open and edit, as described below. Angle unit If you see this: Send hard copy data generated by tapping 3000 [To outer device]. Simply use the stylus to drag the handle of the palette or buttons.