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Only the mention of space transporters and the type of prison facility used in this story make this story qualify as sci-fi, really it’s an erotic romance. Yes, they somehow fell in love, and the climax was good enough, but I expected more.

Claiming Kate

He’s strong, unsociable, speaks little, inteligent, ruthless and knows exactly how to handle himself. An officer gave her one bit of advice before sending her into the Hold.

Then the woman does something he never expected, she turns everyone down and gives him a look that says she chooses him. Just take it for what it is Bonus points if you get the reference. There’s an escape plan and a mysterious character named Hall thrown in, not to mention the growing claiiming relationship between Riana and Cain.

Zannie prefers to spend most of her time writing, but she has to stop occasionally to teach writing katd literature at a liberal arts college and to walk her dog. Not awful, just not my fav.


Claiming Kate by Adams, Zannie download – Free Books

He’s a pretty tough nut to crack–his actions speak louder than words, which is good, since he speaks very few words As it is,it is a sex book with barely any I gave only 3 stars not because it is particularly bad,not at all,it is just not very mutch about besides sex either.

Not a lot actually happens in the story. My main point being, that if she is an archeologist, she specializes in digging and finding stuff Man protects woman in prison in exchange for sex. She katw no brain, nor does her past even matter. Recent Post Le Chat du Rabbin, tome 1: Main herione is the submissive by choice and has great stamina.

Do I recommend it? The reason it got only 3.

Again, like in EscortedClaire Kent took a plot that had me rolling my eyes and made me like it. Will I read the next book?

And it is only a companionship in my estimation. Quick sweet and sexy. I never thought I would ever say that though. I liked the futuristic side, but I wouldn’t say I’m in love enough to read more in such a world. I’m glad that I read it. Somehow it worked for me and I liked the characters and cheered for them and their relationship.


I wish it had more story and maybe one or two less sex scenes shock horror I’d ever say that I know but I thought it had heaps of potential and for something short the sex made it feel like it dragged a little before anything exciting happened in regards to them escaping or even just surviving in the prison.

This is a clip of Riddick and his woman locked in a prison kat a planet that is so hot that you instantly die on the surface. Sure,it’s a great bedtime or airport read but don’t expect to be swept off your feet. Just in the beginning. But I read the blurb so I went in with my eyes open. The ONLY enclosed cell left existing in the whole place. I don’t think so. He’s so hot he’s smoking!! I am glad to see that claimlng stayed together, though.

Jacqui rated it liked it Oct 20, Kate thinks that Mason doesn’t desire her anymore but she’s afraid to say anything for fear that she is right.