The book ‘Minna No Nihongo (Intermediate Bk I Chuukyuu, Book 1)’ was ordered from Amazon and delivered fast and in good condition. It suits very well for. Tobira: Gateway to Advanced – Chuukyuu Nihongo o oshieru kyoushi no tebiki = Teaching intermediate Japanese teacher’s guide BOOK [Japanese] [author] on. Title Slide of Kathe Camargo · Minna no Nihongo Shokyuu 1 – Mondai Script. Artur Filipe Segumdo.

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As for switching books, I think it’s fine.

But the listening part is really difficult for me. I’m not a really big fan of flashcards as I memorise things far better in context.

Chuukyuu Nihongo Bunpo Youten Seiri Pointo 20 | Sách luyện N3 | Pinterest

Login Register Login Username: I don’t think it is really healthy. For my level, I’m nearly sure I already have more that I’m roughly between a N3-N2 level with a little advance in kanji.

I was wondering if chuu,yuu of method of learning could be a solution. Subscribe to this thread View a Printable Version. If you have some good podcasts, drama, methods, or any advice for my listening problem that is not “anime japanese” that is less boring that the Minna stuff, I will be very glad to look at it.


For the reading part I can read without much trouble simple books Like the Ojamajo Doremi LN or a book where someone tells his everyday life in travel for exampleI think I know chuujyuu to recognize aboutkanjis.

Bunka Nihongo Chuukyuu 1 Intermediate Japanese Course (PDF + Audio) – Japanese Quizzes

If you’re not happy with your book and can afford another, then I’d take a look at the Genki series. But maybe they are a little bit too text axed? But Nihong really don’t like these audio tracks, and when I’m struggling at the 3rd listening to understand the main point I’m really really frustrated.

I used to read a lot because I like book and stuff, so the reading part seems a little bit too easy. Hope I was clear. Is it “safe” to switch of book in the middle of it?

So finally here are my questions: As I am still a student but I study Japanese alone in FranceI’m not really familiar with the bussiness thing, and it is really confusing for me to listen japanese in a job context. I never used them, but I heard the chuuiyuu are useful too.


I’m sure I should really work on that listening part. I used to study with the Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu I last year, so I took the second one to finish the serie.

I can understand easily most of easy everyday japanese like Love Live without subs or some not-very complicated japanese as in some japanese TV-games I saw on Youtube. You can also follow along with the JOI Teacher’s blogs, http: But so far I’m not really happy with it I think as a self-learner using more than one textbook is actually really helpful for getting a different perspective. Class learners should get at least two perspectives, the book and the teacher