Christ and Time: The Primitive Christian Conception of Time and History, It should be noted that when Cullmann refers to Hellenism, or Greek. Christ and Time has 26 ratings and 3 reviews. Albert said: In Christianity, as properly authentically primtively conceived by Cullman, there is Oscar Cullmann. OSCAR CULLMANN. CHRIST AND TIME The Primitive Christian Conception cif Time and History Revised edition () with a new introductory chapter.

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He saw that the physical sciences, in contrast to rationalistic metaphysics, were actually making advances. Appreciates Cullmann’s emphasis and commitment to the Biblical text for his arguments and foundations for his teaching. Preview — Christ and Time by Oscar Cullmann.

Oscar Cullmann – Wikipedia

Oscar Cullmann, a crhist Lutheran theologian and New Testament scholar, was born in Strasbourg, France, and held membership in the Lutheran church of Alsace. It should be noted that when Cullmann refers to Hellenism, or Greek philosophy, his main sparring partner is Platonic philosophy.

This book is composed of two articles written by the German philosopher Josef Pieper. Adam rated it really liked it Jul 23, Lake – – Thomas Scott.

Books by Oscar Cullmann. He begins by considering how the Jewish notions of eschatology have been changed by the redemptive act of Christ. He expounds some interesting views concerning the relationship of church and state.

Cullmann – “.

Nile added it Feb 10, We are also shown the future aspects of our hope of resurrection. Nick added it May 10, The preaching of the Gospel is what gives meaning to this intermediary period.


This review will begin ooscar explaining the purpose of this book, followed by an outline of the way in which the author accomplishes his purpose. Because of his intense ecumenical work, Cullmann’s Basel colleague Karl Barth joked with him that his tombstone would bear the inscription “advisor to three popes.

Cullmann suggested the analogy of D-Day and VE-Day to illustrate the relationship between Tjme death and resurrection on the one hand, and his parousia on the other.

Christ and Time: The Primitive Christian Conception of Time

Finally we will speculate concerning the relative utility and worth of this book today. This makes the life of Christ the oscat of history,” and reaffirms an idea of reality locked into a downward path that I think, he might admit, could include the unfathomably long heat death of the cosmos.

Rationalistic metaphysics, on the other hand, was floundering amidst the combating systems that the philosophers were erecting.

This book is not properly a philosophy of history, though Christian philosophers of history will need to interact with this book, and be inspired by this book to research and write history with an eye to the cross. That being said, philosophers and theologians will certainly find this book interesting as Cullmann makes many interesting claims about time that anf interesting on a theological and philosophical level.

In the first main section, composed of 8 chapters, Cullman lays out his argument concerning the Christian interpretation of oscat.


His view of history is a linear view which entails a definite beginning, and movement towards what might be construed as an ending. His interpretations of these texts are quite debatable.

Oscar Cullmann

The Linear Conception of Time in the Revela. In chapter 3 of part 4 Cullman considers the individual believer in his relation to the future period of redemptive history. He earned three academic degrees at the University of Strasbourg, including a doctorate in theology in Sign in Create an account. From inside the book. Brynjulf Greiner marked it as to-read May 19, He provides numerous arguments to prove this point. The midpoint and consummation of salvation history is discernible in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Daniel May added it May 29, The idea of this outline is to help the reader understand the book by providing a simple outline of the basic argument that Taylor is presenting here. Oscar Cullmann – – Evangelischer Verlag A. Teo rated it really liked it Nov 01, Andrew marked it as to-read Feb 03, Ghandour Habre marked it as to-read Feb 04, This is used to support his claim that: