Préampli-Processeur CHORD DSP R VENDU TRÈS RARE! Préampli processeur exceptionnel en HC et, fait beaucoup plus rare. Chord dsp r preamp / surround controller, boxed. CHORD DSP R preamp/ surround controller. with dts and dolby 2 surround. Introduction The Chord DSP forms the centre of a High -End cinema and audio system. The DSP decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-ES and has the.

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Distance setup The distances of all your speakers from the listening position are entered so that the DSP can automatically the required correct delays for a full surround image as intended.

Use a sound pressure level SPL meter at the normal listening position to measure the level of each loudspeaker tone. They are also less prone to interference than unbalanced inputs. VOL Press this mechanical button to decrease the main volume of the audio outputs.

Pressing this button when DVD1 is selected will cycle the selection round to the end of the chotd at Ext 7.

DSP 8000 AV Processor

Sdp8000r analogue gain sensitivity that you adjust is the input gain of the analogue to dsp800r converter for each source. Analogue Monitor This is a link to a special screen, that is available on the on screen display only, where you can adjust the analogue sensitivity gain setting. Press and hold this button to decrease the volume more rapidly. The preset set -up defines the parameters of each preset and allows control over the following levels: This RS port is also configured to be used for upgrading the operating software that the DSP runs on.

You should adjust the gain so that the signal peak at just below 0dB on the meter. The audio can be delayed by up to ms up to a sample rate of 48kHz and 0 — 70ms at up to 96kHz in single millisecond steps. A BNC converter module is available on re quest.


吏„?•?œ ?„濡œ GLV – Create arts through technology!

Press this button to move upwards through the sub menus within the set up menus. Thank you for choosing the Chord DSP for your audio and video signal requirements. Exit On Screen Display Level setup Allows you to adjust the relative levels from each of your speakers.

This button functions as a toggle to mute and un -mute the outputs. Source There are ten available input sources, numbered from 1 to TAPE This button cuord used to monitor the level and quality of your audio recording signal.

You may notice that the subwoofer distance values are different than the exact physical distance. This is only used when no video chod is present.

Digital input You can assign a digital input or you can turn off the digital input for the selected source. Usually acoustic di stance is much longer and may even vary on the same conditions. This setting overrides the Treble setting in the Tone Setup.

Choose an audio equalisation preset to be used? If your equipment has unbalanced analogue audio outputs you should always connect to the DSP by these inputs even if you are connecting your equipment also by digital connections.

Bass Filter This allows you to chose the frequency point that the bass settings work from. This input also allows another bypass route for use with sources that need to avoid the digital processing boards in the DSP Manufactured under license from Digital Theatre Systems, Inc.

Infin Trigger 2 sense: Make sure that you connect the correct colour connectors to each other. Allows direct measurement of speaker distances using the supplied microphone. Press this LCD touch pad to decrease the value of a selected parameter within the set up menu. The unit can be set up with the comprehensive on screen display facility or via the front panel controls.


However they can also be used as an additional record output. These outputs can also be used to feed another set of power amplifiers if you wanted to play the audio in another room.

Used chord dsp for Sale |

These give an indication of the channels that are present in the incoming choord program format. You can use this function to avoid sudden peaks in the sound volume without losing any of the detail. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. This has the effect of replacing the unbalanced audio input for that particular source.

The information that is shown is the current selected input source that is assigned to the zone output, the currently selected mode and the zone volume. If the selected source does have a component video connection then you must assign this setting the a value from 1 to 3 depending on dsp000r set of component video inputs you are using.

This is to ensure that the chassis metalwork of each item is connected together. Treble This setting allows you to control the level of the treble for the selected preset. It is recommended that where possible, balanced connections with XLR connectors should be used instead of unbalanced RCA connections. Set this to No if no delay is required.

L, R Pro Logic? Trigger 2 polarity See Trigger 1 polarity. This display is also used to show the current menu and selected sub-menu whilst the set -up menus are activated.