South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, said last week that it is difficult to pinpoint the blame for the Cheonan sinking. ABSTRACT. This paper revisits the sinking of a South Korean naval ship called the Cheonan in March , which profoundly undermined the. President Lee Myung-bak told military intelligence confirms sinking of navy corvette by North Korean submarine.

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He reiterated that it was risky to speculate over the cause, and the joint military and civilian investigation team would determine the cause. See above under Investigation. The original report, however, did not assert that a conventional torpedo strike had occurred, but rather that the torpedo had exploded underneath the ship, thus breaking its back.

Retrieved 1 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As part of the propaganda broadcasts, South Korea reinstalled loudspeakers at eleven places along the DMZ. South Korea has lifted the stern of the 1,tonne Cheonan, a corvette, which went down near a disputed sea area with North Koreaand experts are examining the wreckage. The team found that the torpedo used was identical to a North Korean torpedo previously captured by South Korea.

On 29 May, North Korea warned the United Nations to be wary of evidence presented in the international investigation, likening the case to the claims of weapons of mass destruction that the United States used to justify its war against Iraq in and stated that “the U. The team returned to Russia with samples for further physical-chemical analysis.

South Korea warship sinking: the top 10 conspiracy theories – Telegraph

Archived from the original on 5 April Retrieved 26 November In their summary for the United Nations Security Councilthe investigation group was described as the “Joint Civilian-Military Investigation Group of the Republic of Korea with the participation of international experts from Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States, and the Multinational Combined Intelligence Task Force, comprising the Republic of Korea, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States,” which consisted of “25 experts from 10 top Korean expert agencies, 22 military experts, 3 experts recommended by the National Assembly, and 24 foreign experts constituting 4 support teams”.


Instead, we’ve found traces proving that a powerful explosion caused possibly by a torpedo had occurred underwater.

In late MayBruce Cumingsa University of Chicago expert on Korean affairs, commented that the sinking should be regarded as part of long-running tensions in a naval no-man’s land. According to Timethe report assessed in detail ten possible alternative scenarios, with extensive discussion and explanation of why those ten were not possible. Retrieved 30 March Cheeonan said, “We have to find the cause in a way that satisfies not only our people but also the international community”.

Retrieved 15 April Or did they agree to a US cover-up operation? Glionna 23 July Daily News from Korea — Most S. According to a survey conducted by Seoul National University’s Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, less than one chenan of South Koreans trust the findings of the multinational panel.

One of the subs, according to the report, detoured around to the west side of Baengnyeong Islandarriving on 25 March South Korea pursued measures from the United Nations Security Council after the incident, although the language used in the country’s statements towards such measures became progressively weaker. Naval engagements of the Korean War. This was speculated to be China’s concern for instability in the Korean Peninsula.

Archived from the original on 8 June South Korea good, North Korea bad? Retrieved 26 December What is the Korean Northern Limit Line? Analysts said there is little South Korea can do even if Pyongyang is found to be the culprit because a military response was likely to hurt its own cheohan economy and bolster North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s standing at home.


South Korean Ministry of Cheoann. Archived from snking original on 26 May The tail section of the torpedo also contained a marking saying ‘number one’ in a North Korea script — the so-called cheonab gun’. Retrieved 26 May They see Seoul as unlikely to make aggressive moves that would escalate into armed conflict and harm the export-driven economies of north Asia, which is responsible for about one-sixth of the global economy.

Archived from the original on Inconsistencies in South Korea’s Cheonan Report”. It has called for a thorough investigation. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Inan academic paper was published analysing the available seismic data. A third a US torpedo fired by accident. Retrieved 14 September Criticism Over Sinking of Korean Ship”.

North Korea: ‘No apology’ for S Korea Cheonan sinking

Isnking Korean navy cheonaj sinks”. It puts more political pressure on President Lee Myung-bak, but analysts do not see it triggering a war. A member of the North Korean cabinet who snking to the south in said on 7 December that the crew of the North Korean submarine which sank Cheonan had been honored by the North Korean military and government.

This theory, circulating in early May, took a direct hit when the Columbia showed up at its home port of Hawaii a few days later 8. Park Seon-won’s response to the charge was: Retrieved 23 July They would revert to a wartime footing in regard to South Korea and disallow any South Korean ships or aircraft to enter the territory of North Korea.

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Lee and Kwang-Tae Kim in Seoul contributed to this report. On 28 March relatives were taken to the site of the sunken vessel.

Shin 26 May