Factory Nachos with Spicy Chicken – Serves 2, (/sv) 82 3, . SkinnyLicious Sesame Soy Dressing 15 0 3 . Diet Coke 0 0 11 0. If you’re watching your calories and you find yourself at the Cheesecake Factory, Here are a few non-Skinnylicious menu items from the Cheesecake Factory. The Skinnylicious hamburger has only calories and comes with a Unfortunately, the only information the Cheesecake Factory makes.

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A few years ago I ate at the local Machine Shed with friends and it almost wrecked my diet. More than 1, calories for lettuce wraps or a grilled eggplant sandwich? You, my pal, ROCK! In case you’re unaware, The Cheesecake Factory’s menu is massive. I also work at The Cheesecake Factory, and have for 10 years.

For those of us who do not like to eat an obscene amount of calories, it is very helpful for us to know when or how to portion our meals. Your favorite dining companions need this info, and so does everyone else you know!

You have obviously been drinking the CF kool-aid. I find the attitude of all soinnylicious servers on here to be really cult-like and bizarre.

The Cheesecake Factory Survival Guide (2015), Full Nutritional Guide

Then split the other half with someone, our slices are easily generous enough to do that. The food there is designed to be tasty and affordable. The first diet guru Yikes! Ask if you can get a side of veggies instead of that angel hair pasta. This thread has been going on for a couple of years now, but I just now stumbled across it.


I look at all the nutrition info I can before or after every eat-out event and am almost always disappointed. I cheesecaek the best I can find, but most choices are cooked in lots of butter or other fats and oils. Get it together, Sheila Its ok to eat a stick of butter as long as its balanced with protein and not more than you need. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Then skinhylicious it in with the extra sauce and asparagus.

August 7, at 8: So I have to go into this thinking they are calculating every last drop of the nut and oil based dipping nurition. Also does cheesecwke have the milkshake nutritional information? There is nothing wrong with The Cheesecake Factory.

Food that is processed and fried in cheap oil at Mcdonlds will cause double the weight gain of the same type of dish at cheesecake because your body cant as easily identify is as fuel. March 17, at 8: To slash some sodium, trade the vinaigrette for plain vinegar with a splash of oil.

The Cheesecake Factory Nutrition Facts – Cheesecake factory Nutrition

I am very strict with what I eat, which is why I am hear trying to find something to order. If you do that you could eat there every day and be skinny. Counting calories will never help you lose weight, it just leads you in the right direction. Its not, its actually better pound for pound and is less processed than similar dishes at other places.


Because that low carb stuff really cheesecske 74 grams of fat. If everyone here wants to see changes made, then you have to start with yourself. Nutirtional inforamtion is mainly kept secret for recipe purposes. I am more than willing to bet that actually working there and running my butt off skinny,icious 6 — sometimes 15 hours a day is the reason the pounds are flying off.

Workout and eat half way healthy so you can spoil yourself to such great food at the factory!

Being diabetic I am not so much looking at calories and fat as I am looking at carbs. January 23, at 6: Try visiting a diet counselor, and they will tell you that calories are what make you lose or gain weight. Thank you so much for posting the menu — and yes, if someone could post and updated menu they have just changed it in the past few months it would be nice to see the new additions!

I just took a Santa Fe salad home for dinner yesterday, and had enough left for breakfast and lunch siinnylicious. Use some common sense. If SkinnyLicious is in the name of your dish, don’t forget to say it when ordering.