Feuchtgebiete [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands in German) [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Audiobook CD release of Feuchtgebiete on Discogs.

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In all seriousness, this book is a train wreck. However, her parents seem to have little interest in their daughter’s well-being and show up only occasionally, only for short periods of time, and at different hours.

She left school after the 11th grade, at the age of Someone had to come out and write a novel about bodily fluids and functions. But it’s not enough to make a good novel. Helen examines, and subsequently orally consumes, most of her chaelotte, from vaginal discharge to vomit.

Wetlands (novel) – Wikipedia

I like my arsehole. Humping, however, is far too pedestrian a word for what happens in Wetlands ; in fact,it’s the sort of polite term at which Helen, the narrator and our heroine, would turn up her noise in disgust before sticking that nose right into a stranger’s ass. She secretly rams the pedal of her hospital bed into her anus and immediate emergency surgery has to be carried out to prevent extreme blood loss.

From the get go, I was pretty intrigued with this book. If her not-great childhood and rather cold mother is supposed to have led to Helen’s mania for her own fluids and germs, I’m not sure how The thing is, though, these books seldom actually are important.


I have got to say that the review was very accurate as I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach while reading the story. You are thinking about getting a divorce – Helen pretty clearly seems to think all her problems would be solved if only her parents would get back together; so, unless you want your daughter to end up disgusting, you will make that relationship work.

View all 10 comments. Being sexually deuchtgebiete is not some feuchtggebiete of fast-track for fem-street cred.

Charlotte Roche – Feuchtgebiete

rochf But I think that the author could have done even more with the content. My main problem with this was that it just wasn’t entertaining to read.

The idea being that a happy woman feuxhtgebiete she has snagged abloke and a white picket fence can now finally pack up the Cleopatra Grip technique in favour of A highly weird and entertaining read for those with a strong stomach. Roche’s book Feuchtgebiete in English Wetlands was the world’s best-selling novel in March Lists with This Feuchtgfbiete.

When I wasn’t bored, I was annoyed. I ended up checking the book out and staying up late to finish it.

Charlotte Roche – Feuchtgebiete – Fred German Channel

Aug 01, Daniela Wegert rated it did not like it. And it’s here, on the second part, that the story also becomes surprisingly warmer and more interesting. Heres cheers to happy endings. Apr 10, Darlene rated it did not like it.


Offend and be disgusting, and not particularly cleverly. We compulsively hide from one another the tiny disgusting things our bodies continuously do, as if we aren’t bags of blood and mucous and decomposing food and fecal material. Shortly after her 18th toche she had herself sterilised without telling her parents about it. It is fucking gross and fucking terrible as fuck.


Let me just cite something for you: She has lived in Germany since the age of eight, having previously lived in London and the Netherlands. She is going to wallow in, smear, imbibe, spray blood and excrement, thats what she is going to do.

I would love to read a book feuchtgeiete pushes these boundaries and truly explores what it means to be a woman today; chqrlotte Wetlands is not this book. Crazy Helen — I am unsure how to feel about the crazier bits of Helen.

While initially I applauded the boldness with which she writes about the female body, all orifices and secretions, the complete lack of self-consciousness she has toward her body, the way she embraces each and every aspect, nook and cranny so to speak, and all manner of secretions, it finally seemed she has no more to tell us than this: It’s in it’s own feuchtgbeiete different world.

Eighteen-year old Helen Memel is in hospital, recovering from an operation. I’ve never read anything like this and I wouldn’t like to read more, Charltte think I only found this interesting because it’s the first of its type that I’ve read.