This is a really great exercise: banacos-exercise. I’ve used this and it really helps. Play the chords. I’m studying with Garry Dial the “Charlie Banacos lessons”. My question relates to using a recent assignment as an additional ear training exercise. describe the remarkable teacher and individual that Charlie Banacos was. We started out with exercises on “Autumn Leaves” that took me.

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Singing the note slows down the mind. It answered all similar questions I had myself about Ear Training and motivated me to forge ahead. This sounds like a very useful approach. Do you transcribe on paper with numbers, solfa syllables, on a banacod Mar 7, Email required Address never made public. You’d work on that till he said to go on to a new thing which he’d write out and review to make sure you got the idea. Anonymous December 25, at 5: Best of Luck Joe Reply.

Charlie Banacos on Jazz Pedagogy – Wilktone

In Section A, three popular ear-training exercises plus a meditation practice are presented. But a lot of students want to play “out” without the foundation, so Thanks for that Joe.

Hi Joe, I know this is an old post, but hopefully you still follow the latest comments. Retrieved from ” https: Please Sir Joe am a bassist can i also use this software?

Ear Training- Developing Relative Pitch

I am consistently in the 90th percentile. In other words you have to be able to hear it in order to play it. I’m aware that this is on long run, but it would be nice to share some of his lessons, at least basic ones. The core of George Russell’s Tonal gravity in his LCC book is basically completely built on this idea of a spectrum of dissonance. Vic Juris, whom I got this method from initially, recommended playing the “strange” notes in a higher register than the consonant tones.


I know this charloe quite not a very original approach, but it is quite simple: He also served as a clinician for the Thelonious Monk Institute babacos as adjunct exrrcises member for the following institutions: There is a big difference in having to sing a note to reference the pitch and already hearing the note in your head and then being able to sing it.

Anyway, I’d be interested to see John’s book. I am puzzled by the idea of not confining the notes being played to the diatonic notes of a major scale. Lee on December 4, at I use it two ways. You must listen to these pitches over and over again against a strong key center cadence until you eventually internalise the rxercises of all the notes.

Again, you should already know all of the notes on the staff and develop that visual association as another exercise. He was also an Extraordinarily Humble man and an demanding teacher and task master. Notify me of new posts by email. Then he’d pick a tune for next week, correcting changes as needed, from one of the real books. Do you already have an account? The door opened, and there was Charlie—younger than I had expected, wiry, with dark hair and eyes that sparkled with amusement and an intense energy that I could feel before he said a word.

As I said, there is a progression, but the tempation to look further will hold you back in the end.


What a great spirit he was! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The exercises cover nine facts of technique and musicianship—which I have organized in Sections A — I. For me the typical lesson was divided in three areas. As detailed in a previous post my sense of the scalar notes was good, but the chromatic notes not so, with one exception: This is a really great exercise: Steve on October 1, at Jan 9, 9.

Charlie Banacos also teaches a method for improvising tone rows called “The 23rd chord”.

Charlie Banacos

After you can do that you go to 2 simultaneous notes, then 3, 4, etc. Jan 8, 8.

I soon discovered that his students spoke of him in almost reverential tones, and that he had a two-year waiting list to study with him. All of these options confuses the progression- this is the reason that I decided to share this software on my site, so that my students would ONLY concentrate on the entry level drill.

I’ve searched trough rmmgj on CB and chzrlie is much discussion about him. Which key has 12 chromatic pitches in it? Pete on September 29, at Sometimes, you think you’ve discovered something, only to find that someone else already discovered it WAY before you did. Dec 25, 7.