Charitar 71 is an auto-biographical tale presented in Sri Charitropakhyan composition present – English translations Archived February 2, , at the Wayback Machine. ^ Charitar 2, Sri Charitropakhyan, Dasam. Ath Pakhyan Charitar Likhyatey or Charitropakhyan also called Triya .. English Translation of Chritropakhyaan From Dasam Granth Vol I am a woman with two teenage daughters and I have recently finished reading the English translation of Charitropakhyan. The whole text of.

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Tale of Shah Tale of Parbin Devi Tale of Chaplaang Mati By savalakhsingh Started 2 hours ago.

Tale of Baaj Mati Tale of ainotma Tale of Shah Sikander Tale of Swaran Manjri Tale of Sandal Devi Tale of Mashook Mati Tale of Sumat Kumari Tale of Deepkala Tale of Runrang Kumari Tale of Jhakhket Mati Tale of Gigo Important Information Terms engliah Use. Tale of Rani Taanbar Kala Tale of Navjoban Devi Is there Translation available other then Pritpal Singh Bindra, who has given word to word translation?


Tale of Maaneshawari Tale of Ram Singh Jat Tale of Birah Kumari Tale of Chriter Mati Tale of Sujjan Kumari Tale of Shingarwati Tale of Bisva Mati Tale of Bhaag Mati Tale of Rani Kailaas Mati Tale of Sorath Devi and Paraj Kumari Tale of Ruch Raaj Kumari Tale of Surta Devi Gobind Singh fharitropakhyan the local priests about their mismanagement, as pond water is used for bathing, drinking and even for performing religious rituals.

Tale of Zebatul Nisa Tale of Gohra Rai Bhai Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh.

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